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Please post respectfully.

New season!

Gosh it would be so awesome to have a new forum to get with the times and technology. Stains looking for a repeat! ISIS is our first victims on Wednesday.

Good luck everyone!

See ya early in the morning

Special Thanks to Referee Volunteers

Thanks to our AWESOME members for helping out at the Morrison Child & Family Services Kickball Tourney. A special shout out to: Becky (Aloha), Rachel & Scott (Thurs Night Rehab), Boozer )GrAss), Nicole & Zach (Battlesluts), Andy (ISIS), Afton (Chupes) and Ron (Bad Co) for coming out on Sunday! And thanks also go to: Kelsey (Menace), Jessica (Westside) & Katie (Battlesluts) for volunteering!

2012 OKC Award Winners!

Thanks to everyone for another amazing season and congrats to all of last night's winners!

Regular season and 2012 Champs - BAD Company
2012 runner-up Champs - I.S.I.S.
2012 ChUmpions - Army of Darkness
Tug of War Champs - Indies
Home Run Champion - Mystery Team, Inc. Bender
Most Valuable Volunteer - M2S Kelsey
Best Legs - M2S Kendra
T-Shirt Surgeons - Battleslut Jizlactica AND Army of Darkness
Social Butterfly - Mystery Team, Inc. Bobby AND Aloha Friday Jon (who is probably still celebrating)
Dirtiest Kickballer - BAD Company Ron
Barfly - Army of Darkness Tim
Field Mice - The Can Picker-Uppers
Best Defender - BAD Company Ryan
Most Intoxicating Team Libation - SLE Todd's Fireball Gummy Bears
Best Mascot - Fiasco United Shotski 2.0
THE Assassin - Battleslut Hallah
Trevor Stelson Award for Captaining Excellence - GrAss Stain David "Boozer"
Best Ref - Thursday Night Rehab Char
Best Pitcher - BAD Company Brandon
Community Crest - Menace 2 Sobriety
Most Improved Team - Battleslut Jizlactica
Ms. OKC - M2S Kelsey
Mr. OKC - Army of Darkness Tim

Can you tell I'm out of it?

I meant Fiasco, wrote Army below. And stupid website won't let me edit posts. So, someone is going to win the ChUmpionship. The end.

Final ChUmp predictions

Army of Darkness vs. Fiasco United
I don't even know where to start with this one. There are weaknesses on both sides - some of the Army men have a lot of facial hair and it's going to be a hot one. Fiasco has a stitched up scrotum (or is that a strength??). Strengths - big ass boots, amazing women and kick ass pitchers. On both sides. I'm going with Army by 2 just for the sheer fact that I predicted they'd take Menace out. Yup, how's that for scientific??

More ChUmpion predictions!

The semi-finals. It's getting hot.

Fiasco United vs. Menace 2 Sobriety
This will be a game for the ages. Depending on the day, you never know who will take it. And, although I still have a lot of rage toward Iowa for deserting me as my beer pong partner, I think Jeremy filling the shotski with all things menacing might be our downfall. Fiasco by 1 in the 9th.

AOD vs. Battlesluts
This is going to be another epic game. Seriously, are you people actually going to be watching that OTHER bracket? While the Battlesluts have a mighty good chance and some mighty fine players, I'm going to go with the veterans (and sheer will to win) of Army. Army by 3.

Round Two!

Grass 2 vs A&H 3

This should be an armed and stainy doozie! GrAss have come a long way since 2006, and this was the first year A&H really felt it. GrAss is a win and tie over A&H this season, proving that the Hammers aren't as indestructible as they once were, but we all know A&H can, ahem, pull it out when they need to. My gut says this will be a game in which both teams make mistakes, GrAss will just capitalize a little more. Sorry Sam! I hate to do this to you, but you just don't have it like you used to!

Oh, and Benson? If you happen to be pitching for some crazy reason, and try to douche pitch any of my players out, I WILL rush the mound.

GrAss 5 A&H 3

1 Bad Co vs 4 Mystery

I often wonder what Ron Enron's emails are like. Assuming I'm fluent in Enron, I imagine I'd find a strategic email focused on how the Baddies are going to become the first two-time champs in the league, with a couple Ryan Cunningham "HELL YEAH BITCHES BAD CO NUMBER 1 FUKKAAAAAS" replies thrown in for good measure. I just hope Enron realizes that come game three, the Bad Boys are going to have a tough road, as many eyes will be at the bracket to see who got the pleasure of taking them down. Shaggy and Co should have their A team in attendance, but I fear even with some big booters, they'll come up one inning shy of satisfaction.

Or maybe I'm just saying that because I want to write about how we're going to take them down tomorrow! Whatever the case may be, kick it to Enron!!

Bad Co 6 Mystery 4

Predictions for ChUmpions - round 2

Ok, I'm with Boozer's predictions below more or less (seriously, Westside is not going to beat us by 8), but I'm thinking predictions on the ChUmpionship are needed as well, so starting with Round 2...

Team A vs. Fiasco United: Team A has a bunch of good players and a lot of good heart, but Fiasco has a player who recently tore his testicles and then came and partied. Fiasco by 10.

Menace vs. Rehab: Menace took Rehab out once already this season, but how many Bloody Marys that I have consumed by then could alter this pretty heavily. Menace by 1, just because we are going to eat prior to this.

Chupes vs. Army of Darkness: Chupes are better at the short game, but AOD has been planning their tourney attack all season long. AOD by 7.

Battleslut Jizlactica vs Aloha Friday: Hallah is going to daze and confuse the boys of Aloha. Seriously though, Battleslut has really come together and are a strong ass team. Longest name ever by 3.

Predictions, anyone?

My thoughts on upcoming tourney. First round just winners and losers, round two with comments, rounds three and four to be posted later this week!

First Round:

1 Bad Co vs 16 Team A: Bad Co +10

2 Stains vs 15 Chupes: Stains +8

3 A&H vs 14 BSJ: A&H +10

4 Mystery vs 13 Rehab: Mystery +8

5 Westside vs 12 Menace: Westside +8

6 SLE vs 11 Aloha: SLE +5

7 ISIS vs 10 AOD: ISIS +4

8 Indies vs 9 FUKT: Indies +2

Second Round:

1 Bad Co vs 8 Indies:

Indies suffer from a horrible case of unfortunate seeding. Sadly, such dirty seeding will only result in a premature ending for the Indies tourney day courtesy of Enron and friends. Bad Co +7

2 Stains vs 7 ISIS:

Word on the street is ISIS has gelled as a team throughout the second half of the season, and shouldn't be messed with. That's ok though, the only thing Stains mess with are Zac Thomas' tighty whities! Stains +4

3 A&H vs 6 SLE:

Ahh, the showdown between two of the few remaining original OKC teams. These teams have played each other plenty in the past 6 years. Unfortunately, all I have to say is: 2008 SLE woulda had that! A&H +6

4 Mystery vs 5 Westside:

This has a high chance of being game of the tourney! Mystery has had a rough run this year, chalking up a lot of losses due to a lack of roster depth and inconsistent team showing up every week. Westside has lost a lot of games this year due to the same thing, a lack of communication on the field, and Z-Thom being more interested in side money via tips. I expect both teams to put those issues to rest for the tourney, and plan on watching as much of this game as possible. Tough to call a winner for this game due to the big amount of experience on both sides, but I'll have to go with Mystery Team +1. Sorry Zac, I'll have a tent pitched on the field to console you after your loss.


So apparently I left my cleats on the field last night. Yellow and black Nikes. Amyone??? I might need them to play tomorrow....

Sub Job

Just found out Indies need a lady...can anyone come early for a 6:30 game vs fiasco???

Sub for Chups @ 6:30pm

Chups need a guy sub for the 6:30pm game today!

Volunteer for the Kids!!

Thanks so everyone who has already volunteered to ref for the Morrison Cild & Family Services Kickball Turney! But we still need more peeps! This is a fmily event so it wil NOT be super competetive. If you have played in OKC for one season, you know enough to be able to ref for this fun and worthwhile event. Email me at ilyse@irealtypdx.com or have your captain contact me with your info. The event is at Alpenrose dairy so free ice cream!!

Last regular season week responsibilities!

We're still looking for the missing equipment bag - has anyone seen it? We do not want to spend fun money on a new one.

This week's team responsibilities are below:
Set-up – Kyle Smetana will bring bags to field for you
1. GrAss Stains
2. Thursday Night Rehab
3. Aloha Friday
4. Fiasco United

6:30 refs
...1. A&H
2. Battlesluts
3. Aloha Friday
4. SLE

7:30 refs
1. BAD Company
2. Thursday Night Rehab
3. Los Chupacabras
4. Indies

Take-down – Jon Ingram to take bags to do inventory. Please take-down and leave at field.
1. Westside
2. Army of Darkness
3. Menace II Sobriety
4. Mystery Team Inc.

Do you have an equipment bag?

We are missing one of the bags and need it back asap for a charity tourney happening Saturday. Email oregonkickball@gmail.com even if you just have an inkling of its whereabouts. Thanks!!

Help the community - ref for kickball fundraiser

As part of our community service for the season, we are going to provide referees for the Morrison Child & Family Services kickball tournament fundraiser. It will be held on Sunday, August 19th at Alpenrose Dairy. We need at least 16 volunteers so it would be great to get at least one person from each team to participate. There will be two shifts: one from 10am-2pm and the other from 2pm-5pm. If we get more than 16 volunteers, we can divide the shifts into shorter segments. If you are intereted, email ilyse@irealtypdx.com. And if there is a preference for morning or afternoon, please include that in your email as well. Shifts will include either field set-up or take-down and reffing.

Vote for award winners by Aug. 6

Just go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BBWNR5Y to cast your votes. Winners will be announced at End of Season party at Branx on Aug. 18.

Does your team have responsibilities next week? Check it out!

1. BAD Company
3. SLE
4. Team A

6:30 game refs
1. A&H
2. Thursday Night Rehab
3. SLE
4. Los Chupacabras

7:30 game refs
1. Westside
2. Army of Darkness
3. Mystery Team Inc.
4. Menace II Sobriety

Taker-downers (and Aug. 2 setter-uppers)
1. A&H
2. Battlesluts
3. Indies
4. Los Chupacabras

Aug. 4 - Volunteers needed!

We have another opportunity to help our community! A&H Kyle Smetana is helping yet again put together the Engineers Without Borders tourney on Aug. 4. They're looking for volunteer refs (especially in the morning) and other people to make the day go smoothly. If you're free and interested - contact Kyle via email at kyle.smetana@gmail.com.

Wrong score

The Aloha Friday Thursday Night Rehab score was a tie at 3 not the posted 10 to 1 win. Thanks for the peeps that keep us posted on these scores. Mark

Remaining schedule dates

We switch over to a weighted schedule after the July 19 games, but until rankings are final, I can't put in game times on here. That being said, for you planners, games dates after that point are:
-Thursday, July 26
-Thursday, Aug. 2
-Thursday, Aug. 9
-Saturday, Aug. 18 - TOURNEY!!!

Help Kids and Kick Things!

OKCers - call out for giving back to our community. The third annual Kicks for Kids tourney with Channing Frye is just around the corner on July 21. They are still looking for teams, individual players and volunteers for the day.

If you're interested in learning more, go to http://wekickforkids.com/.

Interested in playing? Go https://mr-october.appspot.com/Recesstime.

Interested in reffing and taking money and such for a full day or a shift? (You can get paid for this, but that's not the OKC way, right??) Email colleen@recesstimesports.com. Kelsey can get you breakdown of shifts too.

Now, go and help kids with cancer!

Dance partay is going to be AMAZING!

Thank YOU Boozer for the idea! So excited for some Salt n Pepa, not gonna lie! Maybe we need to practice this week on the field!

OKC Dance-Partaaaaay next Friday 7/6!

Thank you for sending out the email to the captains Kelsey! For all to see...

Come out Friday, July 6, to Jones Bar on 107 NW Couch for what is going to be an amazing night. No special deals, but we won’t need them because it’s already going to be too awesome! 80s/90s dance music all night, it happens to fall on the same weekend as Kelsey's birthday and they serve breakfast until 5 a.m. Doors open at 8 p.m., and they just added Chicken and Waffles to the menu! Thanks to Ali, Boozer, Hallie and Tina for this GENIUS idea for some good ole OKC mid-season mixing!


I predict it will be 80' degree temperatures today very sunny and there will be a BBQ going on on field 1 with plenty of music, beer drinking, and of course kickball!!!!

I predict Jevon will Jevon my free beer

that I just won with this prediction.

June 21 takedown/setup/reffing assignments

Setup for 6:30 games
1. Army of Darkness
2. SLE
3. B.J.
4. Team A

6:30 refs
1. Independents
2. Westside
3. A&H
4. Aloha Friday

7:30 refs
1. Thursday Night Rehabilitation
2. Mystery Team, Inc.
3. Los Chupacabras
4. B.J.

Take-down and setup on June 28
1. A&H
2. GrAss Stains
3. Westside
4. Aloha Friday

All games for tonight are ON!

Just remember to move the base paths between games and tread lightly.

we were so close!

did you boot him off the curb first?

Field Off

GrAssStains Adam beat Acky. Yup.

5/30 Duties

Blah, blah, blah, who needs to do what is below.

Set-up for 6:30 games
Army of Darkness
GrAss Stains

6:30 refs
Fiasco United
Menace II Sobriety
Thursday Night Rehabilitation

7:30 refs
Los Chupacabras
Team A
Army of Darkness

Fiasco United
Menace II Sobriety
Thursday Night Rehabilitation
Mystery Team, Inc.

All 5/23 games are ON

All OKC games are officially ON for tonight (barring a four-hour downpour starting now).

However, as the ground is a bit more fragile than usual in its moistened state, we are asking that the fields (specifically the base paths) are moved 10 feet over between games. Aloha Friday, Mystery, Fiasco and Team A are refs for the 7:30 games and should help guide this field movement, but please chip in and help on your field to make it go quickly.

May 23 duties!

This week's volunteer duties are below, and just a heads up that if the stupid rain doesn't stop by Wednesday and the field is soggy, we may need to cancel games and reschedule. We'll let everyone know before 2 p.m. on Wednesday if that happens, but if we do play, I would strongly encourage anyone reffing the 7:30 games to move the field a teeny bit (like to the left or right a foot or two so there is no damage to the parks (we have to pay PPR lots of money if we hurt the park, and that would come directly out of our fun funds). Thanks everyone!!!

Set-up for 6:30 games
1. Los Chupacabras
2. Independents
3. SLE
4. BAD Company – using new location!

6:30 game refs
1. I.S.I.S.
2. Army of Darkness
3. Westside
4. GrAss Stains

7:30 game refs
1. Aloha Friday
2. Mystery Team, Inc.
3. Fiasco United
4. Team A

Take-down after 7:30 games
1. GrAss Stains
2. Army of Darkness
3. Westside
4. I.S.I.S.

Re: Jevon questions

For those four teams, none of them and you know it. But, I believe in you, Jevon, that you can walk the extra few hundred feet over to the field!!! You are strong! Or is this how you're telling us you want to join us for the 2013 schedule creation??? Yay!

re: question

Thank you for the reply. For those that were paying attention, would you care to let us know who would be the inexperienced refs for the games in question?

re: question

In an effort to avoid inexperienced refs assigned to competitive games, teams will not always be reffing on the same field they're playing on. This is how it was for the entire 2011 season too, in case you weren't paying attention.


Is there a reason sle and indies don't ref on the field they play on, nor do mystery or westside? Just thought I'd beat bender to it. Crazy old men...

Free beer this Wednesday - and extra if you have Jauna's phone!

This Wednesday, after your game, head on over to the Red Room for a free pitcher of beer. EVERY team gets one free pitcher, and all you need to do is find our Treasurer, Aloha Friday Jon Ingram, to have him put it on the tab. He'll be headed there after his 6:30 game and will be in white!

Special bonus if you find Jauna's phone...

Lost phone!

I enjoyed Saturday's festivities a little too much and at some point my phone walked away. The Indies spent most of the afternoon at field 3 so if anyone found it please let erik or i know!

Game of the week!

Will be this Wednesday with 2011 champions vs runner up champions!

This will be a action packed fun game!

Who's doing what on Wednesday

Takedown/setup/reffing duties are below!

Set-up for 6:30 games
Fiasco United
Aloha Friday
Team A - I have this bag, so will drop it off for you to setup around 6!
Menace II Sobriety

6:30 refs
Los Chupacabras
BAD Company

7:30 refs
Mystery Team, Inc.
Thursday Night Rehabilitation

Take-down after 7:30 games (and on set-up for next week!)
Los Chupacabras
BAD Company

oh goodness!

i'm excited for tomorrow.

who's got the flip cup trophy? While the actual trophy may be in hobbit's hands, i'm pretty sure A&H took the title last year. its about time that made it back into the Stains' hands, and we're ready to start tomorrow!

For you, Jevon

Not yet on the improved forums, but LeagueLab knows we want it. I promise, we keep asking.

New teams are incredible...
1. Army of Darkness (AOD) captained by Tim Smale
2. TEAM A captained by Matt Firosz of NePo42 fame and former FUKT player (the BBQ we have at DHs is thanks to him)
3. Battlesluts Jizzlactica captained by Seth Miller (former Menace player who has years of kickball fun behind him)
4. I.S.I.S. captained by Andy Fitterer of Recess fame

I'd make an old joke at you jevon

but it would probably backfire on me. :)

new teams

Who are they?

Any way to fix it so I don't have to scroll to the bottom of the page to post?

Duties for Saturday

Ok, first off, Bender, that was a weak prediction. We have amazing refs so duhhhhh.

Every team is reffing at some point on Saturday so I'm not putting them on here. Setup and Takedown duties are below...

Setup by 12 p.m. - Jon will be dropping each of these bags off on the morning of the 12th, so just aim to get there and setup around 11:30.
1. BAD Company
2. A&H
3. Thursday Night Rehabilitation
4. Mystery Team, Inc.

Take-down after 4 p.m. games - Make sure before you pack up the fields that Menace Kendra has the scores off the dry-erase boards! We'll be packing up Field 1, so you're welcome to just swing by and give her the info.
1. Menace II Sobriety
2. Aloha Friday
3. Team A
4. Fiasco United

Army of Darkness

That is all.

I predict we wont have any calls as bad as this one.


Predictions for opening day!

Bender! its about that time again!

Not yet, Bender

But, you can just put a space in the body of your message.

any luck on a new chat board?

btw my post must contain some text

I'm so ready to get my Menace on.

I wish kickball season would get here faster!


enough said .......

When you buy on Amazon, use this link!

If you purchase items on Amazon and go through http://www.amazon.com/?&tag=oregonkickbal-20&camp=15345&creative=331689&linkCode=ur1&adid=0YY5W6H19DN64S362YXY&, the OKC automatically gets a kickback! It's the same Amazon, just with OKC love!

is it next year yet?


Congrats to all the 2011 award winners

2011 Champion: BAD Company
2011 Champion Runner-up: GrAss Stains
2011 ChUmpion: Piggies
Der Fuss female: M2S Kendra Bailey
Der Fuss male: A&H Ben Eder
Das Boot female: Westside Hallie Zmroczek
Das Boot male: Bunt Cakes Brandon Schnyder
Homerun Champ: SLE Corey Maynard
T-shirt surgeon: BAD Company (team)
Sears Catalog: BRAWNDO!!! Chris Hill (Chill)
Best legs: BAD Company Brandon Perard
Most Likely to be Grounded: Bunt Cakes Yolanda Frost
Best Mascot/Pet: Westside Jevon’s Brownies
Dirtiest: Westside Toe-Knee Lusk
Social Butterfly: BRAWNDO!!! Char Learnard
Field Meeses (Field Off Duo): FooBarb + KelBeau
Best Defender: BRAWNDO!!! Scott Shoji
Ms. Assassin: GrAss Stains Megan Gardiner
Mr. Assassin: GrAss Stains Travis Wilkins
Best Captain: Mystery Team, Inc. Bender
Best Ref: FUKT Greg “Iowa” Burkhead
Best Pitcher: GrAss Stains Adam Furler
Community Crest: GrAss Stains
Most Improved: GrAss Stains
Most Valuable Volunteer: TIE!!!! Menace 2 Sobriety Kendra Bailey AND FUKT Matt Firosz
Ms. OKC: GrAss Stains Sareena “Mimosareena” Nunez
Mr. OKC: GrAss Stains Kevin “Chubbs” Aylward

Thank You!!!

I just wanted to give a Big Thank You to everyone who put in tons of hours planning this year , putting together the sweet party, and generally being awesome!

I had fun and while i am a bit sore from dancing I can't wait for next year.


Lost clothing at Mt. Tabor

My black sweater was missing at the end of the party. Did anyone pick it up by accident? It was draped over the back of an upstairs chair. If you have it, will you email me at: lcnielson @ gmail dot com? Thanks all! And that was an excellent party!


I know why we have to move. It's a conspiracy to keep us down! It was my last chance to get uppity on the forum...

Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Big thanks to all the coordinators this year. You all rock!


ask your captain Zac why you guys do not get to stay on field A all day. blame the inconvenient move on him ;p


I'll do that fooq. I guess next year we'll just shoot for that coveted 8-9 spot...

Wahhhhh, wah, wah, wwaaahhhhh!

Hey jevon, pack your bags and start moving to Field 4. You'll have to move once all day, quit your bitching....

Although, its completely possible that Westside loses their first game, it wouldn't be the first time...


8-9 plays on field 4 and the winner stays there.1-16 plays on field 1 and the winner moves to field 4. Not moving = advantage.

Re: Jevon.

How do you see a home field advantage?

I have a feeling that

The Chumpionship is gonna get FUKTED!


Is the bracket on this site correct? I've never seen a bracket that gives home field advantage to the 8-9 seed over the 1 seed...

Never say never

Menace has a very serious commitment to completely menace A&H's sobriety prior to the game... we may not win, but I'd put money on our game being one of the most entertaining of the first round.

Good predictions Mr. Riley!

yay for predictions...

#8 Piggies vs #9 Indies and the #6 SLE vs #11 Brawndo games will be the most exciting of the first round I think!

Round 1 Grassy Predictions

Further predictions to come if I can find anymore slack time during my day!

First Round Tourney Predictions

#1 Westside vs #16 Misstits

Westside opens with a strong +10, Misstits move on to the ChUmpionship

#2 Shooters vs #15 Cheaters

Shooters open with a strong +10, Cheaters move on to the ChUmpionship

#3 A&H vs #14 Menace 2 Sobriety

M2S is one of those teams that, with a little rounding around the edges and experience under their belts, will turn some heads during future seasons and tournaments. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening this year. Good luck in the ChUmpionship, Menace! A&H +10

#4 GrAss vs #13 Chups

GrAss Stains prove they have what it takes to both contend on the field and dominate off. This will be the first year GrAss move on to the second round of the Championship with a +8 win over the Chups. BING BANG BONG!

#5 Mystery vs #12 Bunt Cakes

It may be wishful thinking, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this game closer than many others would. No one doubts Mystery Team’s strength, but they’ve lost some games they shouldn’t have this year, and other games have been close. Bunt Cakes have the skill and kickball know-how to keep this one close. I predict Mystery over Bunt Cakes by 3, but only because the Stains won’t have the chance to heckle!

Oh, btw...Kick it to Jared!

#6 SLE vs #11 Brawndo

Well, let’s see. Is Corey playing? If so, SLE by 8. If Corey’s absent, I could easily see Brawndo taking this game. Something tells me Corey won’t be missing a tourney, though. SLE by 8.

#7 Bad Co vs #10 FUKT

For a relatively new team, Bad Company’s got balls! I expect those balls to end up putting Iowa, Woody, Jeremy and the rest of the FUKT cast into the Chumpionship. Persuade Bad Company into some mad use of that shotski FUKTers, or else it’s Bad Co +8

#8 Piggies vs #9 Indies

What type of team will the Indies show up with? What type of team will the Piggies show up with? Both teams have had attendance issues this year, and the team whose issues extend to the tournament will be the losing team. With both teams showing up at full strength, I’m going with an Indies +5 win.

The final countdown!

Brackets with reffing duties and final standings were just sent to captains and posted on Facebook. Party is set at Mt. Tabor with doors opening at 8 p.m., 50 cent beer/wine (cash only), $3 whiskey and coke and food provided. Awards ceremony starts at 9 p.m. Get ready to have a blast!

sorry no predictions from me...

sick kid +sick wife+horrible work schedule = no time for it. :( I have faith that somebody will step up!

Final standings are up and I want predictions

All scores have been entered and standings are set. Stay tuned for final schedule info by end of day, Wednesday. Love you guys!


Bender final predictions for the tournament>?

What I have for Standings through 10/9 (tie breakers noted)

#1~Westside * 17-3-1 (+96) [35 points]

#2~Shooters * 17-4 (+86) [34 pts. - see below]

#3~ A&H * 16-3-2 (+75) [34 pts. - Head to Head split with Shooters; Shooters > pt. diff.]

#4~GrassStains* 15-5-1 (+68) [31 pts.]

#5~Mystery Team Inc. * 14-6-1 (+82) [29 pts.]

#6 ~SLE * 14-7 (+34) [28 pts.]

#7~Bad Co. * 12-9 (+50) [24 pts.]

#8~Piggies * 11-9-1 (+10) (Recorded wins over Misstits and Menace---missing scores) [22 pts.]

#9~Independents * 9-11-1 (+14) [19 pts.]

#10~FUKT * 9-12 (-10) [18 pts. - split the season series with Brawndo; FUKT > pt. diff.]

#11~Brawndo! * 9-12 (-26) [18 pts.]

#12~~Bunt Cakes * 7-13-1 (-51) [15 pts.]

#13~Los Chupacabras* 5-14-2 (-69) [12 pts.]

#14~ Menace2Sobriety* 5-16 (-74) (Recorded loss to Piggies- missing score) [10 pts - Misstits]

#15~Cheaters * 2-18-1 (-136) [5 pts.]

#16~Mistits * 0-20-1 (-149) (Recorded loss to Piggies-missing score 10/2) [1 pt.]

This zeros out on all checks. Point diff. on 10/2 was wrong for Indies (should have been +17), Chups (should have been -72), and Mistits (should have been -144).

Hi Bunt cakes....

mystery team welcomes you to the first game on the magical journey to your eventual chumpionship title fight. On the way you will meet many exciting teams. some on the field and some on the sidelines. There will be teams (like the stains) who will try to derail you from your path. Plan ahead!! Bring extra mimosa's and borrow a brownie or two from uncle jevon to "share" with them and you'll have no problems from them by about the 3rd inning.

Remember as part of the tourney training regime you need to be well lubricated so be sure to go out drinking till 5 or 6 am and you'll be well fortified for the journey ahead. :)

love and kisses,


Jon, I'm fairly certain those are not the final standings. Menace Kendra is out of town on a business trip, they should be up in the next day or so.

Standings/filled in brackets/etc. are coming!

We'll get an email out to all the captains and post here probably late tomorrow with all the final pieces including standings and more.


Is the final standings updated? I am fairly certain I know where my team is but I am wondering who we will be playing and the other possible match ups.

Remember to cast your votes by this Sunday!

If you haven't yet cast your votes for the 2011 OKC awards, make sure you do so by Oct. 9. Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LS5DZ3S. And, go check out all the photos on Facebook (or click on the thumbnail in the survey).

Updates for Sunday's duties

Setup by 2 p.m.
B - Mystery Team, Inc.
C - Shooters (set-up)

2 p.m. refs
A - Menace 2 Sobriety

B - Chupes (move to 4 p.m.) - SHOOTERS REF FIELD B
C - Shooters (canceled)

3 p.m. refs
B - Mystery Team, Inc.
C - BAD Company (depending on whether Indies/Chups play)

4 p.m. refs
A - Misstits
B - GrAss Stains

Take down after 4 p.m. games

B - GrAss Stains
C - Supposed to be Indies at 2. Presumably will be either Bad Company or Bunt Cakes.


Yes, Westside cannot finish in 2nd place unless both of these games end in a tie.

One correction, Bender

If we win and Westside loses, then I believe we'd win the tiebreaker because we are 1-0-1 against Westside this year. Doesn't head to head record count before run differential?

Standings through 10/2

#1~ A&H * 16-2-2 (+76) [34 pts. - WS]

#2~Westside * 16-3-1 (+95) (Recorded win over Brawndo! 15-8 (score not on website)) [33 pts - A&H ]

#3~Shooters * 16-4 (+84) [32 pts. - GS]

#4~GrassStains* 15-4-1 (+70) [31 pts - Shooters]

#5 ~SLE * 14-6 (+37) [28 pts - Mystery Team Inc.]

#6~Mystery Team Inc. * 13-6-1 (+79) [27 pts. - SLE]

#7~Bad Co. * 11-9 (+45) [22 pts - Bunt Cakes]

#8~Piggies * 10-9-1 (+1) (Recorded wins over Misstits and Menace---missing scores) [21 pts - Brawndo]

#9~Independents * 9-10-1 (+19) [19 pts - Los Chups]

#10~Brawndo! * 9-11 (-17) (Recorded loss to WS 15-8 (score not on website)) [18 pts - Piggies]

#11~FUKT * 8-12 (-20) [16 pts - Cheaters]

#12~~Bunt Cakes * 7-12-1 (-46) [15 pts - Bad Co.]

#13~Los Chupacabras* 4-14-2 (-71) [10 pts - Independents]

#14~ Menace2Sobriety* 4-16 (-79) (Recorded loss to Piggies- missing score) [8 pts - Misstits]

#15~Cheaters * 2-17-1 (-126) [5 pts - FUKT]

#16~Mistits * 0-19-1 (-143) (Recorded loss to Piggies-missing score 10/2) [1 pt - Menace]

Duties for 10/9

Setup by 2 p.m.
B - Mystery Team, Inc.
C - Shooters

2 p.m. refs
A - Menace 2 Sobriety
B - Chupes
C - Shooters

3 p.m. refs
B - Mystery Team, Inc.
C - BAD Company

Take down after 3 p.m. games
C - Indies

4 p.m. refs
A - Misstits
B - GrAss Stains

Take down after 4 p.m. games
B - GrAss Stains


The double forfeit is counting as a tie? Couldn't an argument be made for both teams getting a loss?

thoughts on the top 6 playoff standings

So some off the cuff thoughts.... the top 6 teams are all playing each other next weekend and some things are still in flux. I dont see any ability for Bad Company or Brawndo! to break into 6th place. I'll wait for the stats to get updated for the rest of the field.

right now I believe its this order

1 A&H 16-2-2
2 westside 16-3-1

3 shooters 16-4
4 Grass 15-4-1

5 SLE 14-6
6 Mystery 13-6-1

so this sunday a&H V westside, shooters V grass and sle V mystery. (neither mystery or SLE can break into 4th)

If A&H/WS tie and shooters win then #1 shooters, #2 A&H, #3 WS #4 Grass

If A&H/WS tie and shooters lose then
#1 A&H, #2 WS #3 Grass #4 Shooters

If A&H wins then A&H and shooters win then
#1, A&H, #2 Shooters #3 WS #4 Grass

If A&H wins then A&H and shooters lose then
#1, A&H, #2 WS #3 Grass #4 Shooters

If WS wins and shooters win then
#1, WS, #2 Shooters #3 A&H #4 Grass

If WS wins and shooters lose then
#1, WS, #2 A&H #3 Grass #4 Shooters

If both games are ties
#1, A&H, #2 WS, #3 shooters, #4 Grass

ooooooh exciting!!!!

If SLE wins then
#5 SLE, #6 Mystery

If Mystery wins then
#5 Mystery, #6 SLE

if tie then
#5 SLE, #6 Mystery

not as exciting but still a possibility of a ranking change.

rounds two and three?

Round one resulted in a close loss, i agree...i guess rounds two and three will just have to happen at the tournament!

If by destroyed you mean got lucky

then yeah I agree.

Nice kick btw. :)

Flip Cup Champs?

A&H destroyed the "mighty" boozer/Grass Stains! Take that bitches!

Oh, and by the way?

It's about time for a Riley Cup rematch, A&Hers. If you can't field a team this weekend, it goes directly to a Cam vs Boozer showdown. If Cam wusses out, you guys better be ready to fork the cup over!

I can't believe nobody's pointed out that...

they've only been married a week, and already it's Atkins vs. Atkins this sunday!

Matt, if you get your wife out again this year, something tells me you'll be sleeping on the couch for a while!

Responsibilities for 10/2 games!

Setup by 2 p.m.
A- Menace 2 Sobriety
B- Piggies
C- Misstits - JesseAnne, I have your guys' bag, so I'll bring it on Sunday and drop it off!

2 p.m. reffing
B- Chupes
C- Menace

3 p.m. reffing
A- GrAss Stains
B- Indies
C- Misstits

4 p.m. reffing
A- Cheaters
B- Westside
C- Piggies

Take-down after 4 p.m. game
C- Shooters

5 p.m. reffing
B- Shooters

Take-down after 5 p.m. games
B- Mystery Team, Inc.

Standings through 9/25

Standings, point differential and remaining games.

#1~ A&H * 15-1-1 (+77) (missing Indies score 9/25; GrassStains / Shooters 10/2; Westside 10/9)

#2~GrassStains* 15-3-1 (+71) (A&H – 10/2; Shooters – 10/9)

#3~Westside * 14-3-1 (+87) (Brawndo! / Mystery Team -10/2; A&H -10/9)

#4~Shooters * 14-4 (+77) (Misstits / A&H - 10/2; GrassStains-10/9)

#5 ~SLE * 13-6 (+32) (Bad Co.-10/2; Mystery Team Inc. -10/9)

#6~Mystery Team Inc. * 12-5-1 (+75) (FUKT / Westside - 10/2; SLE – 10/9)

#7~Bad Co. * 10-7 (+43) (missing Indies score 9/25; SLE / FUKT – 10/2; Bunt Cakes – 10/9)

#8~Brawndo! * 9-10 (-10) (Westside-10/2; Piggies-10/9)

#9~Piggies * 8-9-1 (+1) (Misstits / Menace -10/2; Brawndo-10/9)

#10~Independents * 8-9 (+18) (missing A&H and Bad Co. scores 9/25; Bunt Cakes – 10/2; Los Chups – 10/9)

#11~~Bunt Cakes * 7-11-1 (-39) (Independents – 10/2; Bad Co. - 10/9)

#12~FUKT * 7-11 (-16) (Mystery Team / Bad Co. -10/2; Cheaters -10/9)

#13~Los Chupacabras* 4-14-1 (-71) (Cheaters – 10/2; Independents -10/9)

#14~ Menace2Sobriety* 4-15 (-79) (Piggies-10/2; Misstits-10/9)

#15 Cheaters * 2-17 (-126) (Los Chups – 10/2; FUKT-10/9)

#16 Mistits * 0-17-1 (-138) (Piggies / Shooters - 10/2; Menace – 10/9)

Updated Standings - I think.

Note: On standings page, Indies have an extra win and Mistits an extra loss. (It's entered twice on schedule too.)

#1~ A&H * 14-1-1 (+74) (Shooters rematch 10/2 / double header 9/25)

#2~GrassStains* 14-3-1 (+61)

#3~Westside * 13-3-1 (+86) (double header 10/2)

#4 ~SLE * 13-5 (+33)

#5~Mystery Team Inc. * 12-4-1 (+78) (double header 10/2)

#6~Shooters * 12-4 (+62) (A&H rematch 10/2 / double header 9/25)

#7~Bad Co. * 10-7 (+43) (double header 10/2)

#8~Brawndo! * 9-9 (-2)

#9~Independents * 8-9 (+18) (double header 9/25)

#10~Piggies * 7-9-1 (-5) (double header 10/2)

#11~~Bunt Cakes * 7-9-1 (-22) (double header 9/25)

#12~FUKT * 7-10 (-15) (double header 10/2)

#13 Menace2Sobriety* 3-14 (-78) (double header 9/25)

#14~Los Chupacabras* 2-14-1 (-82) (double header 9/25)

#15 Cheaters * 2-16 (-120)

#16 Mistits * 0-16-1 (-129) (double header 10/2)

Jevon Won

I remember him wandering over to our field with the leftover brownies and the only thing I remember after that point is being curled up in the fetal position on my couch with a bag of cheetos that seemed to be unable to fill the endless void that was my munchies.

brownie bake off?

whoa whoa whoa! i just saw this! when and where? i'll take you bitches down!

Says the girl who isn't coming tonight...

Just sayin. Represent fore you talk smack.

you're too old Bender

you'll be up way past your bedtime

you're too young Boozie...

It'll be us grizzled veterans who'll walk all over your age limited knowledge of the world.

lookin' forward to beatin'..

...some bitches at trivia tonight!

REF SWITCH? - Need refs 10/2 at 5 p.m.

A&H and Shooters are trying to schedule a game for October 2nd at 5 p.m. on Field C.
The problem is that we are scheduled to ref:
Westside v. Mystery Ieam Inc. on Field B at the same time.
Is there anyone who can ref for us at that time? Assuming we could make it work, we'd take one of your reffing dates. (Our games are: 9/18 - ref at 4, play at 5; 9/25 play at 2 & 3; 10/2 play at 4; 10/9, ref at 2, play at 3.)
Shooter Kendra

Not sure what you mean...

Jevon, Megan on our team is the master baker, but I doubt she's into the kind of brownies you're looking for.
However, I do know I'm having some fun making up this quiz for Friday. For those of you who are worried at the thought of participating in a trivia contest, please know that this will be more of a general knowledge kind of game, and you may be surprised at how much you know, and how well you do. I've been playing trivia for a while and have even hosted a trivia night at Zack's Shack on Hawthorne that some OKCers participated in. If you really don't want to play the trivia you should come anyway and heckle me, or hang out in other parts of the bar that is not going to be involving trivia. Cause, seriously, free keg and THEN $2 pints of micro after that?!? This is my new favorite bar. You can get kinda tipsy for the price of a couple burritos from Chipotle. See you all Friday!

brownie bake-off

Grass Stains ready?

Sept. 16 party at Black Cat

It's going to be epic!! You should all come! Kicks off at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 16. The Black Cat Pub is on Interstate, right across from the Alibi, and while the first keg is free, ALL beers are only $2 and all well drinks are only $3. ALL the time.

At 8 p.m., GrAss Stains Adam is going to lead us in a smashingingly fun trivia contest. The first round will be "OKC-themed trivia,” and the second round will be "Name That Tune.” Prizes will be awarded!

Time is running out!

Hoodies now or stay cold this October!

See ordering infor a few posts down.

We do have toddler and youth hoodies available as well.

only $6 bucks...

...to kick Fooqua's balls? EVERYONE should be in for this one!


Does anyone want one? The league has about 80 extra balls if there is any interest. The are $6 a piece. Contact me if you want one!



Do you want an OKC hoodie???

small to x-large $22.50
Add $2 for 2xl or 3xl
Add $7.50 for personalizations (name on back)

Contact me for colors and spec on the hoodies.

Check and complete order (color, size, quantity) due by Septmeber 9th!

Contact me for payment address. No, I will not take your paypal unless you want to add $2 for handling.

staabolina at gmail

Pink Taco

Who's Kevin?

ok, it is friday

I am crazy. my mind was confusing ties and forfeits. forfeits ARE recorded as wins and count as 2 points and 0pts (same as a loss) for the lame-o teams.

to the spelling nazi Mr Kevin 'Pink Taco' Aylward



ref chair Brian Gaffney emailed captains on June 21st the official 2011 rules.

here is a quote "A FORFEITED GAME is a game declared ended by the umpire in chief in favor of the offended team by the score of 5 to 0. "


Forfeited games will be counted as a 5-0 game, (+5/-5 points). "

THIS IS INTERESTING... so according to these 2 quotes a 'forfeit' should be recorded as a 5-0 win/loss. in the past we have always counted ties as 1 pt and wins as 2pts. now i need to go threw my gmail archive...

OKC Standings

I will also be doing another final check of the official standings for weighted schedule just so we have another set of eyes. I am pretty sure I will get same results as Kendra though.

So I am assuming all the box scores listed on this site are correct for the calculations. If there is something wrong speak now.

My only question is what do the Piggies forfeits go down as in the scorebook standings wise and run differential? I noticed the blurb was removed about it being minus 1 point so I assume it won't be anymore. That would make the math check easier.


i know my spelling sucks ass but shit its English ! its the most broken up language in the world!

I'm still trying to get out of my old habit with spelling everything how it sounds, I am a old graffiti writer you should see how i write with a pen its still has that touch and everything is misspelled! HA!

lets hope i never have to win a spelling B to win a KICKBALL championship!

I know Fists of Fury but...

fury ass is something new. I'm not even sure how one would practice for that. Lots of squats I'm sure.

Ron were gonna have to chip in and get you a spell checker one of these days. :)


i smell someone may be a tad scurred to place a bet eh??


well we can put something else on the line maybe a park streaking! i am sure everyone would love to see my fury ass!



put ur forehead on the line boozer!

RE: bet

"no acceptations... "

If he can't accept it, why even propose the bet?


Boozer i bet you if we win then i get to write
i heart Bad Company on your forehead and you have to sport it all day no acceptations...

if we lose then i will do that same HA!


Jon's influence on a game...

"Sure Jon, why don't you just throw at ANOTHER runner!"

Let it go...it's not going to happen

Boozer, what I ment is that the bet should be either you or Ron losing hair. Maybe Ron is willing to put his assfur on the line for this one.

And Bender, the other bets I made, I may not have had total control in the game but I could still influence the game with my play.


The bet IS for a game that doesn't involve you! :)

now jon...havent all your bets been with games you have no control over?

This is no different..... a bet is made and you lose hair just like usual....I'm not seeing the problem with this.


Why would I place myself on the line for something I have no control over?

Just make a bet for the game that doesn't involve me.


Fooq's got it. If Jon isn't willing to pawn it up, sorry...no bet.

Way to go, Jon! SHEESH


I thought it was pretty clear, either jon's right or left leg!

Stains vs BC

any point spread or straight up?

I put a bet BC by 2

now what shall we put on the line?

Hold it right there....

First off I will not agree to any bets that involve me when my team is not even one of the teams playing.

2nd, I think the bet should be that the loser has to shave their head.

Bet proposal for the Stains / Bad Company game

Yo Ron! How about this?

If you win, Jon shaves his right leg. If I win, Jon shaves his left leg.


ACTUAL duties/schedule for Saturday

We goofed on the schedule and I posted the wrong stuff. Ignore below. And, yes, I am going to find a way to delete it. :)

Set-up by 12 p.m.
A - A&H
B - Piggies
D - GrAss Stains

12 p.m. games
A - Westside vs. Bunt Cakes; Misstits/A&H ref (one ref from each team)
B - Piggies vs. Los Chupacabras; Shooters/Indies ref
C - SLE vs. FUKT; Cheaters/Mystery ref
D - GrAss Stains/BAD Company; Menace/Brawndo!!! ref

1 p.m. games
A - Misstits vs. A&H; Westside/Bunt Cakes ref
B - Shooters vs. Indies; SLE/FUKT ref
C - Mystery Inc. vs. Cheaters; Chupes/Piggies ref
D - BRAWNDO!! vs. Menace 2 Sobriety; BAD Company/Stains ref

2 p.m. break! Come to Field A, take the league photo and see where you're ranked

3 p.m. games
A - #5 vs. 10; ref #2
B - #9 vs 12; ref #8
C - #15 vs. 16; ref 11
D - #1 vs. #6; ref # 3

4 p.m. games
A - #2 vs. 13; #10 ref
B - #4 vs. 8; ref #12
C - 7 vs. #11; ref #15
D - #3 vs. 14; ref #1

Take down
A - #2
B - #3 - bring bag to tournament; store
C - #15
D - #1

Beer! Food! Support a fellow OKCer!

Remember the awesome catering group that cooked up our grub at the July doubleheader? You can support them AND drink/eat yumminess! 5 course dinner at Laurelwood, 6-9 p.m. on Aug. 25. $40 per person and gratuity included.

(See above for Saturday schedule info)

had to redo my top five after re-reading kendra's

I thought the shooters had a tie at some point. heres my redone top five and no changes to the other 11.

rankings after the first game

#1~ A&H * 13-1-1 (+62)
#2~Westside * 12-2-1 (+72)
#3~Mystery Team Inc. * 11-3-1 (+62)
#4~GrassStains* 11-3-1 (+50)
#5~Shooters * 11-4 (+59)

#6 ~SLE * 11-4 (+29)

Ref clinic held Saturday!

Bender is going to lead a ref clinic at 11 a.m. this Saturday, Aug. 27 on Field A, before the games start. Come learn or get a refresher on the basics!

Great Predictions Kendra!! heres mine for after the first game

basically where I think we'll be sitting after the first game and before the weighted schedule.

3.Mystery Team, Inc.
7.Bad Co.
9.Bunt Cakes
13.Los Chupacabaras

the biggest impact for the DH will be attendence

I know a number of teams who will be way short on peeps and have a solid chance of losing that first game and it will impact their standings.

Scenarios...I think.

#1~ A&H * 12-1-1 (+62) 25pts - (v. Mistits) (w-27, l-25, t-26) (Westside>A&H; A&H>GrassStains)

#2~Westside * 11-2-1 (+72) - 23pts (v. BCakes) (w-25, l-23, t-24)

#3~GrassStains* 11-2-1 (+50) - 23pts (v. Bad Co.) (w-25, l-23, t-24)

#4 ~SLE * 11-3 (+29) - 22pts (v. FUKT) (w-24, l-22, t-23) (SLE>Westside; GS>SLE)

If SLE, GrassStains and Westside all end up with 23 or 24, I do not know how the tie breaker works. This would involve two tie games on Saturday...

If everyone wins, same order for 1-4.
If SLE wins (24), they could overtake WS if it lost (23) or tied (24) and GS if it lost (23).
If SLE ties (23), they could overtake WS if it lost (23).
If SLE loses (22) and Mystery ties (22) or wins (23), Mystery could move into 4TH.

#5~Mystery Team Inc. * 10-3-1 (+62) - 21pts (v. Cheaters) (w-23, l-21, t-22)
**Could move up or down. See above/below.

#6~Shooters * 10-4 (+59) 20pts (v. Indies) (w-22, l-20, t-21) (Bad Co.>Shooters; Shooters>Mystery; SLE>Shooters)
**Can move up or down. See below.

If Shooters lose (20) OR
Mystery wins (23) OR
6TH or 7TH- Shooters

If Shooters tie (21) and Mystery loses (21) OR
If Shooters win (22) and Mystery loses (21) or ties (22):

#7~Bad Co. * 9-5 (+47) - 18pts (v. GrassStains) (w-20, l-18, t-19) (Bad Co.>Shooters)
Cannot move down.

If Bad Co. wins (20) and Shooters lose (20):
6TH-Bad Co.

If Bad Co. loses (18) or ties (19) OR Shooters win (22) or tie (21):
7TH-Bad Co.

#8~Bunt Cakes * 7-6-1 (-1) - 15 pts (v. Westside) (w-17, l-15, t-16) - (Independents>Bunt Cakes)
If Bunt Cakes win (17 to 14-16) OR
Independents lose (15-17 to 14) OR
Bunt Cakes tie (16) AND Independents lose or tie (16 to 14-15):
8TH-Bunt Cakes
9TH/10TH- Independents (see below for 9th/10th deciders if Indies lose)

If Bunt Cakes tie (16) AND Independents win (16) OR
Bunt Cakes lose (15) AND Independents tie (15) OR win (16)
9TH-Bunt Cakes

#9~Independents * 7-7 (+25) - 14 pts (v. Shooters) (w-16, l-14, t-15) (Brawndo>Independents; Independents>Bunt Cakes)
Can move up or down. See above/below.

#10~Brawndo! * 6-8 (-16) - 12pts (v. Menace) (w-14, l-12, t-13) (Brawndo>FUKT; Brawndo>Independents)
If Brawndo win / Independents loss, it will be:

If Brawndo loses or ties OR Indies win or tie:

#11~FUKT * 5-9 (-18) - 10pts (v.SLE) (w-12, l-10, t-11) (FUKT>Piggies; Brawndo>FUKT)
Cannot move up. Could move down-see below.

#12~Piggies * 4-9-1 (-19) - 9pts v.Los Chup (w-11, l-9, t-10) (FUKT>Piggies)
If Piggies win / FUKT loses, it will be:
If FUKT ties or wins or Piggies lose or tie:

#13~Los Chupacabras* 2-11-1 (-70) - 5pts v. Piggies (w-7, l-5, t-6) (Los>Menace)
Cannot move up. Could move down-see below.

#14 Menace2Sobriety* 2-12 (-76) - 4pts (v. Brawndo) (w-6, l-4, t-5) (Los>Menace; Menace>Cheaters) -
If Menace wins / Los Chup loses, it will be:
If Menace ties or loses, it will be
13TH - LosChup

#15 Cheaters * 1-13 (-93) - 2pts (v. Mystery) (w-4, l-2, t-3) - WILL FINISH 15TH (Menace>Cheaters; Cheaters>Mistits)

#16 Mistits * 0-13-1 (-113) 1pt (v. A&H) (w-3, l-1, t-2) - WILL FINISH 16TH (Cheaters>Mistits)

My predictions:

1.A&H - 27
2.Westside - 25
5.Mystery Team, Inc.-23
7.Bad Co.-18
8.Bunt Cakes-15
13.Los Chupacabaras-5

updated stats

#1~ A&H * 12-1-1 (+62)

#2~Westside * 11-2-1 (+72)

#3~GrassStains* 11-2-1 (+50)

#4 ~SLE * 11-3 (+29)

#5~Mystery Team Inc. * 10-3-1 (+62)

#6~Shooters * 10-4 (+59)

#7~Bad Co. * 9-5 (+47)

#8~Bunt Cakes * 7-6-1 (-1)

#9~Independents * 7-7 (+25)

#10~Brawndo! * 6-8 (-16)

#11~FUKT * 5-9 (-18)

#12~Piggies * 4-9-1 (-19)

#13~Los Chupacabras* 2-11-1 (-70)

#14 Menace2Sobriety* 2-12 (-76)

#15 Cheaters * 1-13 (-93)

#16 Mistits * 0-13-1 (-113)


BarFooq - you're still behind KelBeau by like 4 games!! WHAT?

The T-Room has our schedule and should know last night was our last night. They are a wonderful bar and it's too bad that we couldn't get more people there. Maybe better incentives next season?? That being said... go there now! It doesn't have to be kickball night to frequent that awesome bar!


That 2 in a row for FooBarb! What's up now bitches!

Speaking of which....

Field off winners are as follows:

1) FooBarb
2) Boozer
3) The Indies

Does the T-room know that last night was the last night they will be our sponsor bar for 2011? We will shift to Kenton Club I believe, which is right next to the field. I'm guessing attendance may go up a little bit. I'll do my best to be there more often.

I'll start showing up to the sponsor bar...

...when the weather gets crappy.

until then, I'm going to enjoy the sunshine, reasonable temperatures, and the ability to BYOB.

why not stick around the park and get to know people there?

T Room??????

So I am just going to come out and say this. The T Room is kinda upset that more teams don't come out after the games. To be honest I don't blame them I think it kind of sucks to have a sponsor bar and to not use it. When one of the bartenders says to me wow you guys (Bunt Cakes) and the yellow team ( think he was talking about Bad Company) are the only teams that come regularly to the bar now..... I kinda don't know what to say to it.......

Look I understand that people are staying at the field till the permit is done and later that's cool I get it. The whole thing just sucks when a total of 3 teams come to the bar that night and we are the first people to get there at 9.......

I guess I honestly just miss the whole getting to know the other teams in the league thing that seemed to happen at the Troom in the years past.

So just an observation on my end if we don't want to use the sponsor bar we should not really have them do it in the future and just stay at the field if that's what we all choose to do. I am fine either way but some clarification could be nice....


RE: Who wants to kick some balls in CANADA?

I guess it would help to put some contact info in there, yeah?

we need 10 folks. it will be epic.

Who wants to kick some balls in CANADA?

Hey OKC'ers! Ee have been invited by our sister leagues in Seattle and Canada to attend the Cascadian World Kickball Championship on September 24th in Vancouver, BC.

It sounds like Seattle's got a few car-loads of folks already planning to go. Anyone else interested in going on a fun road trip? I'd really like to go because these guys are a super fun group (they came down last summer for a tourney in the rain. Who took home those dolphin trophies, anyway?). If anyone is interested, let me know and we'll try to work it out!

7:30 game predictions

7:30 PM

grAss Stains V Misstits
If most of the players arent well on their way to being happy drunks by the end of this game I'll be extremely disappointed.

Misstits by 2

(just seein if you're paying attention)
GS win for realsies

Mystery Team Inc v SLE
Should be a great game... SLE keeps manufacturing the wins in desperate situations and are number 2 at the moment. Great team effort on their part!! Mystery is on a tear and trying to regain lost ground. Could be the game to watch for this time slot.

Mystery by 2

Bunt Cakes v Shooters
You know what goes well with jello shots? Cake. mmmm delicious cake. Somebody <cough>Jared <cough> should bring some awesome cake to this game. oh yeah kickball.... Shooters seem to be back on target and looking to make up for some lost time whilst our BC'rs are dealing with an oven that just cant maintain the temperature to get an evenly baked cake out.

shooters by 4

Independents v Menace 2 Sobriety

Since Carter left the indies are winless...this will be the game that tells us wether or not Carter was their linchpin. Menance looks pretty but they gotta mean streak in em...generally it comes out with "a hello good suh and how are you?" followed by a knee to the groin and a blackjack to the side of the head.
Will the indies wake up in the gutter sans wallet (and maybe pants) or will the indies break their carter curse and win one without him?

My gut says indies....but I'm going tie on this.


Are there any predictions for this week's games?

Want to help with the league scorekeeping?

Menace Kendra is doing an awesome job keeping up with all the stats this year (see below!), but this is a huge job and it would be fantastic to get her some help. Would anyone be interested in teaming up with her (you guys can work out the details on when/how/etc)?

Side note - if you want to help with anything - pictures/rules/Team High Five, you should let me know!

Homerun records

I am getting together today with Woody to figure out what to do about the HR recording. I'll send an email out to the captains when we've gotten it straightened out. Thanks!

Home Runs

can someone post the home runs standing on here would like too see where everyone stands..

aka PD

Thursday's responsibilities

Thanks in advance! And a huge thanks to Kendra for the below - daaaaamn!

Set-up by 6:30 p.m.
A - Cheaters
D - Westside

6:30 games
A - Menace ref
B - Shooters ref
C - GrAss Stains ref
D - SLE ref

7:30 games
A - BAD Company ref
B - Chupes ref
C - A&H ref
D - Piggies ref

A - GrAss Stains
C - A&H
D - Piggies

add'l info re standings

Whoops, some how posted that while I was fixing the Los Chups standings.

Anyway, wins = losses, there are an even number of ties and the point differential zeroes out. There were 7 teams whose point differential's were changed, so you might want to double check your own team's.

Obviously, I also attempted to list the feam's final two opponents. After next week, we can add head-to-heads against teams that are close in the rankings.

Triple Checked Standings (but, hey, double check your own too)

#1~ A&H * 11-1-1 (+60) * v. FUKT / Mistits

#2 ~SLE * 11-2 (+36)* v. Myst. / Cheaters

#3~Westside * 10-2-1 (+64) * v. Brawn / BCakes

#4~GrassStains* 10-2-1 (+45) * v. Mistits / Bad Co.

#5~Myst. Team Inc. * 9-3-1 (+55)* v. SLE / Cheaters

#6~Shooters * 9-4 (+53) * v. BCakes / Indies

#7~Bad Co. * 8-5 (+40) * v. Los Chup. / GrassStains

#8~Bunt Cakes * 7-5-1 (+5) * v. Shooters / Westside

#9~Independents * 6-7 (+17) * v. Menace / Shooters

#10~Brawndo! * 6-7 (-8) * v. Westside / Menace

#11~FUKT * 5-8 (-16) * v. A&H / SLE

#12~Piggies * 3-9-1 (-22) * v. Cheaters / Los Chup

#13~Los Chupacabras* 2-10-1 (-63) *
v. Bad Co. / Piggies

#14 Menace2Sobriety* 2-11 (-68) * v. Independents / Brawndo!

#15 Cheaters * 1-12 (-90) * v. Piggies / Mystery Team, Inc.

#16 Mistits * 0-12-1 (-108) * v. GrassStains / A&H

current standings

I figure Bender is in mid-move, so would post the current standings. note: the run differential is off by -10 i believe. Weighted schedule will be determined in this order of priority
1. win-loss-tie points (2 for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss)
2. head-to-head competition against your opponent with same points total
3. run differential if it cannot be determined by these first two

if you care about your run differential right now, you should volunteer to figure out where the error is in this list. anyway: here ya go:

#1 11-1-1 A&H +57
#2 11-2 SLE +38
#3 10-2-1 Westside +64
#4 10-2-1 GrassStains +45
#5 9-3-1 Mystery Team Inc +55
#6 9-4 Shooters +44
#7 8-5 Bad Co +40
#8 7-5-1 Bunt Cakes +9
#9 6-7 Indies +17
#10 6-7 BRAWNDO -8
#11 5-8 FUKT -16
#12 3-9-1 Piggies -20
#13 2-10-1 Chups -70
#14 2-11 M2S -68
#15 1-12 Cheaters -89
#16 0-12-1 Misstits -108

Field Off!

1) FooBarb
2) Money & Gary
3) the rest of you chumps!

Nice try Money and Gary but you left the field first!

Bar Off

If the true drinkers of the Bunt Cakes had been in full force at the T Room, we would have taken it no question about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bar Off

First place Indies second Piggies third tie taco bell & Dominos pizza, suck it Bunt Cakes & GrAss Stains

"ass fur"

I don't believe I have ever read the words "ass" & "fur" together as much as I have this week. Monday felt like a Thursday and here it is almost the actual Thursday. I think it's the ass fur that got me through the week. Thanks fellas.

pork and beans

i will be sure to eat lots of pork and beans the night b4 the shaving! :)

I'm guessing jons not going to go for it...

but hey if you wanna go from furry prairie dog to a naked mole rat I say more power to ya! The OKC is a non-profit and is always looking at ways to raise money for worthy causes....maybe you could auction off the shaving privileges? :P

ass fur

i know when i posted the bet i remember you were going to be out of town then i was like damb....:/ but then i remembered its bunt cakes, so my bet still holds!

Ass fur on the line

Ass Fur

Ron, I'd hate for you to put your ass fur on the line without knowing that Brawndo will be pretty shorthanded this week. I hope I don't have to read about the loss of ass fur while soaking up the sun in Hawaii.

awkward quote.

dammit boozer, my post was supposed to be pointing at jon's. but i guess yours works too. ps - get a room

awkward quote of the day

\ /




It's not going to happen. So quit pushing it Boozer.

Look Jon!

Even Bender thinks you'd be able to win this bet.

Just the numbers this week..

were in the middle of move and time is not on my side. :)

add some commentary if you get a chance.

BAD Company vs Mystery Tie
Menace 2 Sobriety vs Misstits M2S by 5
Independents vs SLE Indies by 3
Armed & Hammered vs Piggies a&H by 6

7:30 PM
Shooters vs Los Chupacabras shooters by 7
Bunt Cakes vs BRAWNDO!!!!!! brawndo by 2
grAss Stains vs Westside grass by 1
Fukt vs Cheaters fukt by 5

I nominate...

Jon / Ron to shave their own asses, and Fooqua to confirm its been completed!

Furry Ass

Is anyone actually going to volunteer to shave either of the furry asses? Sure as hell wouldn't be something I would do!

I thought Prarie Dog was a euphemism for...

Jon, how could you turn down a bet like that?

Something tells me Jackie may not be in performing these shaving duties, however.

games this week

Jon Man up put ur ass fur on the line! if you put ur ass fur on the line i will put my furry ass on the line, and i tell you i have a FURRY ASS! why you think my name name is prairie dog!

I got my fur on Brawndo plus 5

We got a deal or what!???

And Bender were are my predictions u know we are going to school ya this week right? this will bring me much pleasure!



Soooo, is it a coincidence that Jon is all of a sudden done betting his body hair the same week that his team plays Brawndo? hmm, i think not.



Aug. 11 duties

Thanks in advance!

Set-up by 6:30 p.m.
A - BAD Company
B- Los Chupacabras
D - A&H

6:30 games
A - FUKT ref
B - BRAWNDO!!! ref
C - Westside ref
D - Cheaters ref

7:30 games
A - Mystery Inc. ref
B - Piggies ref
C - Indies ref
D - Misstits ref

C - Westside
D - Cheaters

I'm out

I am done with putting my body/hair on the line. No more bets regarding that.

So Jon...

what section of body hair are you going to put on the line this week?

yeah got an email out to kendra on it

after our last game indies should be at 6-6 and mystery should be at 8-3-1. She flipped the win/loss around.


Bender, you have the Indies at 6-6 but the OKC standings have them at 7-5. Which is the correct standings?

ranking updates.... minus 4 scores...

Lead change thanks to the shooters...

#1 10-1-1 A&H +42 missing score
#2 10-2 Westside +64
#3 10-2 GrassStains +45
#4 10-2 SLE +33
#5 8-3-1 Mystery Team Inc +46
#6 8-4 Bad Co +39 missing score
#7 8-4 Shooters +38
#8 6-5-1 Bunt Cakes +3
#9 6-6 Indies +22
#10 6-6 BRAWNDO -2
#11 4-8 FUKT -26
#12 3-8-1 Piggies -10
#13 2-9-1 Chups -64
#14 1-11 M2S -71 missing score
#15 1-11 Cheaters -79
#16 0-11-1 Misstits -89 missing score

Thursday's scores

Hey y'all, sorry for the delay in reporting scores - I am hoping to have those bad boys up by tomorrow afternoon!

Sareena & Boozer--

Awww I missed you guys too!!! :-)
I am seriously still hungover from LAST Thursday night! Sounds like you guys had fun tho :-p
Congrats on the win!!

Lost Sunglasses

In BJ and I's hasty departure from the field yesterday, we didn't get a chance to grab his sunglasses. They're brown (ray bans I think...) He loves those things, if anyone was so kind to pick them up- please let me know! Thanks!

08/11 games

Bender - have you seen the schedule for next week? there are some serious contenders for 'game of the week' and almost every game can go either way if the butterfly flaps its wings at the right time in China. Can't wait for predictions! (and my mind is already running scenarios for final rankings before we switch to weighted schedule)

Yo Yo!

We misssssssed you last night!

shave your back! shave your back! shave your back! shave your...

Jon, did that girl come back for you last night?

Yolanda, GrAss Stains missed you on the field yesterday!!

Fooq dont you have to be some sort of pants wearer of the fam to throw down a veto?


Kick it to Jared


Butt Cakes ?????

So Barb I hope you and your pink shorts are ready to lose today!!!!

I also seem to recall you saying we would have a team meet up at your place before the game and you would make those cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos............

Don't get your undies in a bunch..

CU has another 2.5 months to show up!

ooooo I think I smell a bet in the air between the cakes and stains!!

whats the bet?

oh and where the hell is captain underpants these days? Shouldnt we be graced by his presence soon?

How's that back feelin' Jon?

Itchy yet? I'm not backing down from the offer I made you yesterday...by Friday you could be known as the new, improved, hairless Jon!!

Good Predictions Bender!!!

As long as I don't play first I should be able to stay out of the way ;)

no kicking me in my leg

There will be no kicking me on my hurt leg this week i am taking the week off, had some internal injuries from my collision from zac i didn't know about till the next day had to go to the ER, either way i will not be there this week we are letting all our girls play this week so should be fun for the game, Misstits vs Bad Company girls! Tidow see you guys next week hopefully!


Butt Cakes

Kick it to Jared!

Uh huh.

I do believe we've all heard that line a million times. I'll believe it when I see it!

Hold Up Right There....

5 defensive errors per inning? I don't think so. I won't even have 1 error in the entire game. I have curtailed myself from kicking the ball to first and have stopped throwing at the runner. I say it will not happen in this game.

Bring it on!

kick, throw, lob, whatever...

I'm calling five defensive errors by Jon....


Fooq...Jons a pitcher...

isnt the whole idea of him pitching the ball is to throw at the batter and miss? :P

the real question is how many balls will he kick at base runners. :)

GS v. BC

The only question is, how many batters will Jon throw at......AND MISS!

Stains vs Bunt Cakes

My lack of back hair just makes me more aerodynamic. Also, it should be an inspiration for my team. The Cakes are just going to be adding to the stains of GS's flag.

stains vs. bunt

i think it will be a samson-esque situation. jon's lack of back hair will contribute to the demise of the their team. get ready, cakes. i'm comin' for you!

Predictions for this thursday

ws vs shooters
west side is clicking on all cylinders with only a minor glitch where SLE handed them their hat a few weeks ago. After the nail biter against Bad Company I'm sure Westside was hoping for an easy game but that wont be the case. Shooters are still a force to be reckoned with and this could be a very close game. Careful out there Jessica....dont get in the running path of any of your old team mates. :P
west side by 3

grass vs buntcakes
I got one word for this game. Boring.

Okay...I'm lying through my teeth..this is going to be a very exciting game. so many of the players on both teams are on other teams together it kinda reminds me of my west virgina roots.... "what do you mean I'm my own brother???" ooooh the family ties of kickball! Jon wants to win this so badly I heard he even shaved his back so he could run faster! He's not alone everybody I talk to is..."I want to win this!!!" and "we will crush them" This game will be more mental then physical.... can the cakes get in the stains head??? will the exact opposite happen?? will they each get into the head of each other and all of them just sort of all fall down twitching and flopping around on the field like fish out of water??? I hate to even make a prediction because whatever I say I'll catch hell from somebody....how bout I just say that the Stains are in their prime and its their game to lose.

you know if it was me...I'd say lets call it a tie and spend that hour getting some extra drinking in! Well if you have to play it then I say this is the early game of the week.

indies vs mystery team
another great game...the high flying indies have kinda tripped the last number of games....kinda reminds me of that daffy duck episode where he's robin hood.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3caoy4cIXac

its going good, its going good, oopps a stumble...oh god cant recover...ahhhhhh!!! kersplat! I think that just about sums it up. As for the Mystery team it looks like they've recovered from their own running down a hill too fast moment...injuries healing up, attendance coming back online and hungry for scooby snacks ( i hear they're addictive). The game will be a great one...good defense, great offense and thats just wisconsin! If I were to give this a story I'd say this was an dual elevator moment one team going up and one going down....we've got a mystery to solve for the Jeffersons so its the penthouse for us... Mystery by 2

fukt vs brawndo
brawndo has woken up! damn! bout time. They beat us, had the stains beat till very last at bat, beat the indies and guess whose next? yep...its Fukt...I'm afraid you're next in line for the great brawndo! take down. you can still pull it out (oooh the urge for a bad joke here is almost too hard to resist) and trip those guys up... smart play will get you far....and smart kicking even farther. Brawndo by 3

misstits vs Bad Company
Misstits you had an awesome game against SLE last week... bring the same game..and maybe half a dozen more people and you'll put up good game against Bad Company. Dont worry too much ...Bad Company looks mean but they're puppy dogs at heart...give em beer, scratch their tummies and they'll play nice. btw Love, love, love your pitcher..shes awesome on the mound!! Bad company...rough break last week....now dont go round stomping the misstits too far in the dirt to make up for it or I'll tell em which leg they should kick on Ron. :) Bad Company by 10

SLE vs Piggies
I reffed the misstits vs SLE game. joe, joe, joe, joe......I hope ya'll were on doggie downers that day otherwise the piggies are gonna push you down, kick grass in your face and steal your octobong...(well unless that well muscled corey guy is around)... hmmm I think I've seen this in a comic or movie or something...anyways...ramp it up and you'll hang tough in a close game with the piggies other wise our luckless piggies are gonna go all wild boar on you. piggies by 2

M2S vs A&H
Cripple fight!!! oh wait I thought it was an A&H internal scrimmage...nevermind.

Okay Menance...flap those butterfly wings and bring those 2 innings where you kicked the crap out of us to this entire game!! you do that and you'll make the A&H steamroller veer off course..maybe into a ditch...maybe even catch on fire...oooooh and maybe even explode with pieces everywhere with people running around hands in the air screaming and crying and looking for their mommies. But only if you bring it.

cheaters vs chupes
This will be a great game to watch and gets my vote for late game of the week. Both teams are full of long time vets and roster that has been whittled down, changed around and added to. I wanna say tie...but I'm leaning towards cheaters...back towards the chupes...back towards the cheaters....I'm going with Chupes by 1 (but only if they have good attendance)

missing flippity flops

I am missing my Teva flippity flops from Field C last Thursday--green straps. Please help them find their way back to me. teams in that area were: Cheaters, Bunt Cakes, Brawndo!!!!! and my beloved Indies!


My bad, its monday and apparently I can't read. 'Stains only allowing 30 runs so far, impressive!


What are you guys looking at?

Seriously, are you missing stuff?

I have a random smorgasboard of stuff left at the field in my bag such as keys and a USB cable (aside from the shoes, which have an owner). If no one claims them by the August doubleheader, I'm donating them to a good cause, so let me know if you are missing anything!

Duties for the week

Set-up by 6:30 p.m.
A - Westside
B - Mystery Inc.
C - Indies

6:30 games
A - A&H ref
B - Chupes ref
C - SLE ref
D - BAD Company ref

7:30 games
A - Shooters ref
B - Stains ref
C - Bunt Cakes ref
D - BRAWNDO!!! ref

A - BAD Company
C - A&H
D - Los Chupacabras

And how about that "runs allowed" column?

Who's got the best D? Just sayin'. STAINS ON 3!

A&H may have a triple digit PI, but...

Ours is better. Just sayin'!


While you guys are battling it out for the "field off" every week, I have taken home the "Field On" award every Thursday except for one that I didn't make it to.


I completely forgot about the back shaving that went on last night!!!!! And that there is video and photo back-up. GA ROSSE!!!!!!!!!

ooooh bet! bet! bet!

I'll get the predictions out....somehow I think my grass v bunt cakes will be rather detailed and verbose. :)


thai food.

You're lucky...

I could have posted a link to the video.

Ugh, Sareena!

Seriously, I'm about to eat lunch. And it's Thai Friday! I don't need to see that shiz right before I eat some delicious Pad Khee Mao. Put off my appetite.

Should we take bets?

What part of the body will Jon have to shave next?


Sorry Ingram love you and all but Stains will come out on top on this one!

A Way Too Early Prediction

Read it here folks.

GrAss Stains will have their 3rd loss of season next Thursday!

Field off was epic

1st - Couple getting it on in the middle of park
2nd - Sareena, Boozer, Ali, Beau and me
3rd - Barb & Fooq (someday Fooq, someday)

updated stats with run diffs

#1 10-1 Westside +66
#2 9-1-1 A&H +42
#3 9-2 GrassStains +41
#4 9-2 SLE +32
#5 7-3-1 Mystery Team Inc +36
#6 7-4 Bad Co +39
#7 7-4 Shooters +36
#8 6-4-1 Bunt Cakes +3
#9 6-5 Indies +32
#10 5-6 BRAWNDO -3
#11 4-7 FUKT -25
#12 3-7-1 Piggies -9
#13 1-9-1 Chups -63
#14 1-10 M2S -71
#15 1-10 Cheaters -74
#16 0-10-1 Misstits -89


I have 'em and will bring them next week or just let me know if you need 'em sooner - khuwaldt@gmail.com.


Yeah bitches, first to triple digit PI, whatever that means! Suck it!

Damn it, Barb!

Foiled again by your cunning quickness. Awkward.


Yes, Menace Kelsey has your shoes.


Ashli - we saw those shoes on field D while we were trying to win the field-off. Last guardian of shoes was Kelsey.... send her an email :)


By chance, did anyone pick up a pair of black & red Addias last night after 7:30 game??

prelim results after tonight minus run diffs

#1 10-1 Westside
#2 9-1-1 A&H
#3 9-2 GrassStains
#4 9-2 SLE
#5 7-3-1 Mystery Team Inc
#6 7-4 Bad Co
#7 7-4 Shooters
#8 6-4-1 Bunt Cakes
#9 6-5 Indies
#10 5-6 BRAWNDO
#11 4-7 FUKT
#12 3-7-1 Piggies
#13 1-9-1 Chups
#14 1-10 M2S
#15 1-10 Cheaters
#16 0-10-1 Misstits

Das Boot 2011

Sorry these weren't up here, but I will be creating an awards page soon to document all winners!

Das Boot male winner - Bunt Cakes Brandon at 159.9 feet.
2nd - Menace Brian at 148.6 feet
3rd - A&H Kyle at 134.7

Das Boot female winner - Westside Hallie at 117 feet
2nd - Shooters Breet at 114 feet
3rd - A&H Sara C at 105.4 feet

Das Boot Scores?

Anyone have the results of Das Boot? The winners, but also all the kickers?

Duties for July 28

Also - there are two bags that didn't get their measuring tapes back. If you are the proud holder of one of these bags, come find me setting up for Menace.

Set-up by 6:30 p.m.
A -Shooters
B - Misstits
C - Bunt Cakes
D - Menace 2 Sobriety

6:30 games
A - Westside ref
B - Mystery inc. ref
C - Indies ref
D - FUKT ref

7:30 games
A - A&H ref
B - Cheaters ref
C - SLE ref
D - Chupes ref

A - Westside
B - Mystery Inc.
C - Indies

updated stats with scores

#1 9-1 Westside +65
#2 8-1-1 A&H +36
#3 8-2 GrassStains +31
#4 8-2 SLE +27
#5 7-3 Shooters +42
#6 7-3 Bad Co +40
#7 6-3-1 Mystery Team Inc +26
#8 6-4 Indies +35
#9 5-4-1 Bunt Cakes +1
#10 4-6 BRAWNDO -6
#11 3-6-1 Piggies -10
#12 3-7 FUKT -26
#13 1-8-1 Chups -53
#14 1-9 M2S -61
#15 1-9 Cheaters -72
#16 0-9-1 Misstits -85

Shooter Sub update.

For those of you who had inquired, here is today's Facebook status update from the Shooter sub injured during our game with the GrassStains (who was trying kickball for the first time). Wow:

Well, it's official: completely torn ACL, bruising to the bone, surgery in a couple weeks, no H2C/ no Warrior Dash/ no GF half...in fact, NO exercise for 4-6 months. Stop on by anytime and I'll pour you a drink. The Pity Party will be going on here for a long while.

Double Header Scores are UP

Hi ya'll,

Scores are up for all of Saturday's games. Please check for accuracy and let me know if anything is wrong by emailing OKCScores@gmail.com

Thanks bunches!


A&H v Shooters
Game to watch. We might have to start calling A&H brer rabbit as they keep slipping out of losses by the skin of their teeth. I'd like to say tie on this but realistically I think they'll slip away again. A&H by 1

Misstits vs sle
there should be an octobong at everybase for this one. SLE by 10

BC vs Cheaters
Wish I could have watched the double header Cheater vs SLE game..Bring a solid game and you can flatten that cake a bit. BC by 5 (kick it to Jon...straight up..he hates those)

chupes vs Grass
Hey Chupes I heard the grass are actually all goats in disguise....now go get em! Grass by 10

WS vs Bad Company
Game to watch and I think the best possibilty for an upset. This will be based on the team Bad Company can field. If everybody is there BC will win by 1 but if they have missing people they go down like a drunk Hasselhoff on a burger. BC by 1

Mystery vs M2S
Hi M2S I'm sorry were going to have to harsh your mellow and win this one. After a couple of games with missing and injured people were looking for a win. If this were a movie we'd be a kickball vampire and you would be our drunk damsel in distress. "Hi cute drunk lady in the alley" "hmmm you seem to have something on your neck" GROWWWL!!!! mmmmm tasty vittles for dinner. Love mystery. Mystery by 8

Brawndo! vs indies
Brawndo! beat Mystery by 1 and had Grass beat till the last inning at the DH. If they play how they played those two games then its Brawndo by +1. Otherwise the dynamic duo of "Hey..whats your sign" Wisconsin and "Grampa" Tony will steal your Brawndo and use it for hair gell. Brawndo +1

Piggies vs FuKT
Go go Piggies!!! we missed you at the Doubleheader! Unless they all come back with 3rd degree sunburns from the weekend I think they will be able to trip up our luckless FUKT team. Iowa what the hell? The bunt cakes had like 2 people left on the field near the end of the day. Although I am guessing thats how many non drunk players there were left on FUKT as well. I'm rootin for you and woody to bring it together! Piggies by +3

prelim standings after the dh will update after all scores are in

(assuming both piggie games are forfiets)

#1 9-1 Westside +45 *missing score
#2 8-1-1 A&H +36
#3 8-2 GrassStains +31
#4 8-2 SLE +27
#5 7-3 Shooters +42
#6 7-3 Bad Co +40
#7 6-3-1 Mystery Team Inc +26
#8 6-4 Indies +24 *missing score
#9 5-4-1 Bunt Cakes +1
#10 4-6 BRAWNDO -6
#11 3-6-1 Piggies -10
#12 3-7 FUKT -26
#15 1-8-1 Chups -53
#13 1-9 M2S -41 *missing score
#14 1-9 Cheaters -58 *missing score
#15 1-8-1 Chups -63
#16 0-9-1 Misstits -75 * missing score


I am really looking forward to see what benders predictions are for this weeks games!



to bump kelsey's post...

i also have a pair of male sunglasses i picked up. black with red circles running down the sides. if they're yours I'll have at the field this Thursday.

7/23 Double Header Scores are being updated

An email just went out to all OKC Captains to send in their scores from yesterday. I've posted what I have received so far, so if it's not up, it hasn't come in. I'm hoping to have them all updated by the end of the day today. Thanks guys!

Doubleheader 7/23 scores?

Where are all the doubleheader scores?

Missing anything?

I have keys, a USB cable and all kinds of fun things so just let me know!

Thanks Erik!

We got your message about reffing. We'll be helping set up the BBQ, so we'll just finish up with that and watch some kickball at noon!

shooters 7/23

You don't have to ref the 12:00 game Piggies vs Bad Company

Passing out.

Sounds like a challenge. I can do that.

flip the indies and Bad company

#7 5-3 Indies +26
#8 5-3 Bad Co +25

posting like its 1999....updated stats..

based on my elderly memory of Bad Company 6 Indies 4.

#1 7-1 Westside +45
#2 7-1 SLE +25
#3 6-1-1 A&H +36
#4 6-2 GrassStains +25
#5 5-2-1 Mystery Team Inc +26
#6 5-3 Shooters +38
#7 5-3 Bad Co +26
#8 5-3 Indies +25
#9 4-3-1 Bunt Cakes +3
#10 4-4 BRAWNDO +5
#11 3-4-1 Piggies 0
#12 3-5 FUKT -15
#13 1-7 M2S -41
#14 1-7 Cheaters -58
#15 0-8 Chups -63
#16 0-8 Misstits -75

this forum format...


It's better than no forum, but not by much.

When will we have separate threads? I can barely track the smack talk in the current format. :-(

Home Runs

Since we don't have a column or stat line or something to see home runs, could someone list out on the forum the names and teams with the stat? I am just wondering where people stand and such.

Mystery could always implode.... it happens to the best

but I dont see it happening saturday.....were gonna steal their cake, dent their pans and it will be a "Mystery Solved!" at the end of that game!

I'm not angry johnny..... :) I'm just asking innocent questions.


A&H lose 2 in a row? Esh, that's pretty harsh bender, why so angry? Shouldn't we be talking about the Mystery losing 2 in a row?

I can't wait to see Bender shave his back after his old team shows him what's up!!! Karma's a bitch!

Re: Saturday thoughts

Ew. I hope we win because I really don't want to see a back shaving...Sorry Jon!!!! :P

RE: Saturday Thoughts

I will not be losing my fur Bender. The Cakes are going to bring it and beat you down like the traitor/betrayor you are for leaving us and stealing away players. Booooooooo, I say to you. Booooooo.

Bring it on!

Saturday thoughts...

no real predictions just questions.. I wonder if Brawndo! will bring the same game to the Grass they beat us with? Will A&H have 2 losses in a row? Will the Chupes come up with 2 wins in a row? Who will be the first westsider to pass out on the field? How bad of a back burn will jon get without his protective fur?


What the hell GrAss Stains? I don't know how to be #4. I don't want to pull a Bunt Cakes!

Great game Brawndo! way to bring the a-team!

prelim standings...without difs...will double check after the scores are posted.

#1 7-1 Westside
#2 7-1 SLE
#3 6-1-1 A&H
#4 6-2 GrassStains
#5 5-2-1 Mystery Team Inc
#7 5-3 Shooters
#8 5-3 Bad Co
#5 5-3 Indies
#9 4-3-1 Bunt Cakes
#10 4-4 BRAWNDO
#11 3-4-1 Piggies
#12 3-5 FUKT
#13 1-7 M2S
#14 1-7 Cheaters
#15 0-8 Chups
#16 0-8 Misstits

I'd totally sub for you against the stains...and whover else!

No AARP card yet....but when it happens you better believe I'm reporting all of you to them. Hmmm I wonder if Jules could do that for me?

speaking of discounts...

have you gotten your AARP card yet, Bendy?


I do have to point out the following:

You still have an open roster, and therefore have the ability to sign up additional people for this coming double header. If you were to get just ooooone girl and one guy to show up for the game, i'm sure there wouldn't be any problem finding subs, and then all teams would be able to fully enjoy the double header.

Just sayin'!


Kevin mentioned another league on the forum!


hey guys come on now you guys have to respect your elders!

Bender needs to get some respect he is already getting his discounts at restaurants we need to treat him accordingly!

Sorry Bender sometimes us young folks forget!

we are glad your playing kickball with us, i hope when i am old and retired i still am able to play! :)

well at least you didnt call me gramps.

"a couple years after you graduated high school. Wadchya gotta say now?"

dang how old do you think I am???? sheesh..back in my day, before color was invented, youngsters would be seen and not heard...this was mostly to kept the velociraptors confused but still the point being....well I'm not sure what the point was, I forgot, but I have a feeling it was important and probably had something to do about wearing potatoes on our belts cause it was the style at the time..

and jon you forgot about his first home run attempt where he had a magnificent slide that ended a couple feet from home plate......the fading eyesight got the best of him. :P

Held up at 3rd?

Ha - Ha! I laugh at that comment. The only reason you stopped at 3rd was because you face planted after rounding 1st!

Oh Bender

I'm hoping it's not age since I'm not even 30 but that does hurt coming from one of the oldest in the league. I didn't want to steal the thunder from Chuck and Adam with their back to backs so I held up at 3rd. I did redeem myself last night in Recesstime with a grand slam, so I think I got it out of my system.

You want to feel old? I was born in 1983 which I'm guessing was only a couple years after you graduated high school. Wadchya gotta say now?

baconn eggs

3 to 4 piggies is enough to fry up some bacon u will just have to get some subs for the eggs .....dont let us go hungry w no breakfast !

I know u guys can pull from ws and bunt cakes lets do this sh#@t

come on Erik its the Stains...

liquor them up before the game and your 4 remaining team members will run circles around them. Besides they have old players like Chubbs who cant even get a home run anymore....he'll fall running the bases and break a hip or something.

but if you're seriously gonna give up an easy win this saturday I'll be there to ref you guys when you play each other in the future.

Doubleheader 7/23

We have half our guys rafting & the rest are either at a wedding, working, or playing in the Channing Frye tournament. That would leave us with maybe 3 or 4 Piggies. I already talked to the grAss Stains about doing a reschedule, and we would like to do the same with your team Ron.


yes please lets figure something out!

thanks chris for ur input....are u chris from ws?



Pretty you guys can still have a legal game as long at least one person from your team shows up. Because you can sub as many people as you want from other teams to get to 4/4...you just have to take 2 outs through the lineup for 2 subs or greater per the rules. It is probably in your best interest to do that rather than forfeit if you can if the following statement really applies to the standings: "How are Standings Calculated? Winners receive 2 points, each team in a tie receives 1 point, and losers receive 0 points. If you forfeit, you lose a point, so don't forfeit!"

And there are several dudes who would love to get the rare opportunity to sub too(me included). Westside plays opposite both timeslots so we'd be glad to help out if you need people. And sure your opponents would rather love to play than not play at all.


really? you cant have the people that will be in town be there to at least scrimmage? cant leave the a double header day hanging like that, :/ we have time can we come up with a plan here?

you can shoot me a email or facebook me

ron@phoenixmedia.com or Ron Enright on Fb

Doubleheader 7/23

The Piggies will not be at the doubleheader this weekend, with more than half the team out of town we can't field a team, sorry.


couldn't resist the temptation eh! i like it!

thanks! see you this week!

okay a quick prediction for thursday...

Bad Company W +1
Indies L

Gras W +5

Misstits L
Shooters W +10

Bunt Cakes L
Piggies W +1

Mystery Team W +6
Brawndo L

AH W +10
Cheaters L

Sle W +10
m2s L

West side W +10
Chupes L

er...I mean i'm taking off from the predicting...

I'll be there for the games.

I predict I'm taking the week/double header off

I'm beat... house sold with lots of negotiations, kid super sick with ER and multiple dr visits, putting our dog down on Saturday, me sick and work rather intense and all this happening the last week = Bender is taking the week off. :) I'll be back after the double header.


Bender! any predictions this week?

To the dastardly indie duo

There should be a rule against putting Tony and Wisconsin back to back in a line-up. Wisconsin, that was a hell of a homer you booted last night!

To all of the indies - great game last night. You always treat the Stains to a great game and last night was definitely no different!

updated stats with diffs for 7/14

#1 6-1 Westside +35
#2 6-1 SLE +20
#3 5-1-1 Mystery Team Inc +27
#4 5-1-1 A&H +26
#5 5-2 Indies +27
#6 5-2 GrassStains +16
#7 4-3 Shooters +28
#8 4-3 Bad Co +24
#9 4-3 Bunt Cakes +3
#10 3-4 BRAWNDO +4
#11 3-4 Piggies 0
#12 3-4 FUKT -6
#13 1-6 M2S -36
#14 1-6 Cheaters -48
#15 0-7 Chups -53
#16 0-7 Misstits -65


thanks for letting me know!

not for me i have to get up at 5am! NO NO NO! lol

Hey Bunt Cake Bar Off Winners

Do any of you have jobs? Just wondering!

What is the bar off?

Ron, the bar off is the last man/woman standing at the bar. #1 or the bar off winner is the last person leaving the bar.

SLE should be number 2...still waiting on scores for the difs

changing the top 8

#1 6-1 Westside
#2 6-1 SLE
#3 5-1-1 Mystery Team Inc
#4 5-1-1 A&H
#5 5-2 Indies
#6 5-2 GrassStains
#7 4-3 Shooters
#8 4-3 Bad Co

Bar Off

YESSSSSSSSSSSS.....This redeems my screaming and avoiding catching the ball, right? :)

prelim standings w/o run diffs for 7/14.

I'll updated it after the scores are posted but I think this is pretty accurate.

#1 6-1 Westside
#2 5-1-1 Mystery Team Inc
#3 5-1-1 A&H
#4 5-2 Indies
#5 5-2 GrassStains
#6 5-2 SLE
#7 4-3 Shooters
#8 4-3 Bad Co
#9 4-3 Bunt Cakes
#10 3-4 brawndo
#11 3-4 piggies
#12 3-4 FUKT
#13 1-6 M2S
#14 1-6 Cheaters
#15 0-7 chupes
#16 0-7 misstits.


please give me some input what is the bar off?

Bar Off

Bunt Cakes may not be winning it all on the field but we keep racking up the Bar Off wins!!

5th - Char (Browndo)
4th - Jonathan (Bunt Cakes)
3rd - Mark (Bunt Cakes)
2nd - Jared (Bunt Cakes)
1st - Yolanda (Bunt Cakes)

Someone on the Cakes has won it every week except for 2 but even those weeks we still have players in top 3!

Bar Off July 7th, 2011

Misstits 1 - Rest of the League 0

A little post happy, but do you need players?

If your team has lost a player after an injury or his/her schedule changed, there are still free agents available to pick up. Captains can invite them once you're logged in (link at the bottom of roster page).

Duties for July 14

Your friendly reminder for the week!

Set-up by 6:30 p.m.
A - BAD Company
B - Stains
C - Indies
D - Piggies

6:30 games
A - Westside ref
B - Misstits ref
C - Bunt Cakes ref
D - A&H ref

7:30 games
A - Shooters ref
B - BRAWNDO!!! ref
C - Menace ref
D - FUKT ref

Take-down - THIS WEEK ONLY - A&H Kyle will pick up the bags from you at the fields for Kickball Without Borders.
A - Westside
B - Bunt Cakes
C - Misstits
D - Shooters

I'm alive again!

Hangover is gone (yes, it is four days later, what of it??). And, yes, Booz, I think final shot count was I don't remember.

Side note - FUKT and Menace are bringing cornhole Thursday night to play after our 6:30 game and you should come play too!


goes the dynamite.


don't forget we beat them last season with a lesser of a team!

BOOM, this will be the game to watch of the day!


Shooters have great D, this is going to be a nail biter, we were missing a ton of ppl last weeks game, Ryan is the Alt pitcher, Brandon is our main guy he will be here for this one, with great bunt stop and catcher we know what we are up against, its on like donkey kong NO MERCY!


Mystery Pre-dick-tion

It shall be a close game, and that should be a mystery! Pew Pew!

Ollllllld Maaaaan Riiiiver!

limited predictions for this week...

You know whats hard? trying to find time to do anything when you have a 10 month old. :) I'm limiting my predictions to 4 games and encourage anyone who wants to to jump on in and fill in the rest or even give a set of predictions for the entirety. Mores always better.

BAD Company

I got to play with Bad Company in Underdog for a season and I came away impressed with the team. Ron has brought most of them over and their record of 3-3 doesn't do justice to what they can bring to a game. Missing people and mistakes have hampered them abit in the early going. The good news... Ryan's pitching speed is phenomenal, Give him a little more seasoning and you're looking at a cam and corey style threat. Great offensive speed and good fielding create an overall strong team with just a wee bit of wetness still behind the ears. Faced with a shooters squad whose been playing for much longer I will have to side with experience on this one, The shooters are notorious for bunting, bunting and more bunting...they've been a bit off this year but even a shooter squad at 80% are to be feared. Stop that bunt, reign in the wild throws, keep those kitten claws aimed at the other teams and BC will hold with em pretty good...otherwise its a blowout. Shooters by 4

Fiasco United Kickball Team
Menace 2 Sobriety

Fukt, fukt, fukt, fukt....what happened? Every time I looked over last week there was a player in red scoring. I blame woody.
So about this week. You're facing a team that is very similar to an early version of you guys. a little discombobulated, lots of heart and experience and with just a little bit of time will forge themselves into a solid unit. Till M2S solidifies I will have to side with FUKT. FUKT by 6

grAss Stains

oooh oooh ooh oooh I so wanna watch this game!! The number 1 indies! vs the superstrong Stains. It will be fantastic! Are the Indies as strong as their record shows? Can the Stains fearsome fivesome devastate the midfield of the indies? Will Carter surprise everyone by breaking into proper Queens English and allow us to understand what he's been saying all these years? Inquiring minds want to know. Game of the time period folks...come watch and see what happens. stains by 5

Armed & Hammered
Mystery Team Inc

sooo remember that indies vs stains game? similar concept here... Are the mystery team really as good as their record, can this band of intrepid detectives find the right clue to solve this weeks mystery of how to beat A&H? The juggernaut of the kids in blue still rolls...a bump here and there but still rolling..its hard to match the pitching of Cam, the fielding and speed of carson and kyle, the BSing from fooq and the sparkles of fun sarah......its a team of winners. My prediction? Oh now thats a mystery. :)

Bad Company

I am interested in how the next two games will play out for Bad Company. Sadly, I have only caught one of their games so far. But i do know their talent is better than their current rank and that they pulled a tough(er) schedule to begin the season. Shooters this week and the #1 Indies next week. I expect to see Bad Company finally catch a break soon and have their rank better reflect their skill level.

Here's a prediction...

There will be a new #1 team. Indies are going down.

My first prediction for this week....

I will actually remember to pay Ron back.


you have predictions for this week Mr. Bender?


What sort of bizarro world are we living in that has a top 7 ranking that looks like that?!? (I am not saying Bender's math is wrong. I'm just saying one would not predict that order)

okay heres the updated stats from the scores on the website

#1 5-1 Indies +29
#2 5-1 Mystery Team Inc +27
#3 5-1 A&H +26
#4 5-1 Westside +25
#5 5-1 SLE +10
#6 4-2 Shooters +31
#7 4-2 GrassStains +14
#8 3-3 Bad Co +21
#9 3-3 BRAWNDO +12
#10 3-3 Bunt Cakes -7
#11 2-4 Piggies -8
#12 2-4 FUKT -11
#13 1-5 M2S -31
#14 1-5 Cheaters -38
#15 0-6 Chups -43
#16 0-6 Misstits -55

part 1 of updated triple checked stats...

#1 5-1 Indies +29
#2 5-1 Mystery Team Inc +27
#3 5-1 A&H +26
#4 5-1 Westside +25
#5 5-1 SLE +10
#6 4-2 Shooters +31
#7 4-2 GrassStains +14

ruh roh shaggy

i'm running through the scores via the website to triple check and I've got WS at +25. there will be an updated standings sent out after I've triple checked everyone elses.

safety first

Just heard from Shane, dislocated finger and that it looked worse that it actually was.

Kels are you even alive today?

I think these are the standings now

#1 5-1 indies +28
#2 5-1 westside +27
#3 5-1 mystery inc +27
#4 5-1 A&H +26
#5 5-1 SLE +12
#6 4-2 shooters +30
#7 4-2 grass stains +14
#8 3-3 Bunt Cakes -7
#9 3-3 Bad Co +21
#10 2-3 BRAWNDO +2 missing score
#11 2-4 FUKT -11
#12 2-4 Piggies -8
#13 1-5 M2S -31
#14 1-4 Cheaters -28 missing score
#15 0-6 Chups -43
#16 0-6 Misstits -55

safety first!

injuries abound last night! Bummer for all involved...Kendra, let us know how the Shooter gal is doing and send our apologies again!

Kelsey...how you feelin' today? Can't be too well - I know you were into double digits on your shot count last night!

Field A

Here's hoping both the Chupes player (Shane I think?) and the Shooters female player recover well from their separate collision injuries. Any Chupes reading this, please let us know the prognosis; the last round of the rumor mill was that he might have shattered his hand :(.

additional info

And I would have to add. .. Thats what it looked like what was happening. I don't know if he actually did or not.

The award for the night...

I would have to say the award for the crazy night out at the bars would have to go to Wisconsin for getting the strippers number at the end of the night.

The second award was for whos ever idea was to go the second location after the T-room.

Impressive work, Bender.

Correctly predicting the result and run differential of the GrAss Stains / Shooters game... very nice.

Bendin' the rules...

Love the predictions. And thanks for keeping BAD Company at less than a 10 run margin... I BELIEVE MENACE!!!

Myss Titery Team

Nice commentary on just how this game with go! I can't wait to watch the Stains try and take down the Shooters, I might even be drunk by then!

Thanks for the predix, Bender

Love it! But gosh, predicting a Stains win over the Shooters? They're a great squad, and it'll be tough to pull that off if we do. We'll do our best to make your prediction happen, buddy.


Los Chupacabras
Armed & Hammered

A&H win on this one but I'm interested in hearing what wierd medical experiment has happened to defang our chupacabras. Normally i'd expect a bit more blood sucking by this time in the season but its like they've got some version of chupacabra mange thats got them all punked out. I'm rootin for ya chupies! Get a check up at the vet, get a six pack of goat blood and lets get you rollin again!

Mystery Team Inc

Mystery win. This should be a pretty fun game.

Bunt Cakes
SLE and corey.

:P yeah just like last year SLE is rip roaring through the other teams with everyone asking at game time "is corey here?" I dont think it matters as much this year, SLE has solidified this year and has the makings of a contender even without "he who must be named". Watch out though the Bunt Cakes have been playing good ball (even though the best looking guy of the bunch went all traitor on them and left them for some new floosie team) they havent missed a step. This one can be a close game if Jon doesnt throw at the runner or kick the ball at the runner or pop the ball up or walk a bunch of people or strike out or take his shirt off or...well you get the idea. :) oh the prediction...yeah almost forgot about that. I'm going out on limb and saying tie.


This game will be loud, Loud, LOUD!...The Cheaters havent given up the ship with both Slosh and Stephen having had to exit stage left. Instead everytime I overhear them talking its all about strategy and practice. It will pay off over the course of the season and i expect Anthony to whip them into a shape we havent seen before. Watch out Brawndo you've got an awakening tiger by the tail. My guess is Brawndo by 5

grAss Stains

a game to watch. If the grass bring the game they served to SLE two weeks ago then the shooters go down if not its a tie or worse. The grass are a contender and anyone who um..misunderestimates them is making a mistake. Good clean game and my prediction is based on full strength teams. Grass by 2

BAD Company
Menace 2 Sobriety

Some bad breaks have left BC in the dregs of the standings but over the course of the season they will rise to the top..too much talent on that team to keep them down. M2S is playing like they have a gear missing a few teeth...they click and play well one week and the next week a butterfly in china flaps its wings and they dont click and it falls apart. Another one of these teams that should be higher in the standings later in the year as they play more games together. BC by 7.


Its our Undefeated team vs...Oh wait......nevermind. :P
Westside has alot of drive and picked up some strength this year and could...go... all... the... way. (if sofa keeps his head out of the way of balls that get thrown from the outfield). The piggies as always are a solid team and their star piglet erik is having a great season. As much as I want the piggies to win I think its gonna be a game of trying to keep as much water in the dam as possible...a drip can become a trickle can become a torrent real quick playing the westsiders. WS by 7

Fiasco United Kickball Team

Indies number 3?!?! thats just awesome! The indies are the suprise team for me this year. They have been racking up solid wins and look great on the field. This will be a test of where they stand since I see these as pretty equal teams for the most part. If the indies dominate then they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. If Iowa and woody put the indies on the defense it could be a couple of games to recover. Indies by 2

Kickball without Borders

Just a reminder that all field bags will be picked up by A&H kyle next week, 7/14, so they can be used for the Kickball without Borders fundraiser tournament.

We will send out an email to the captains next week as another reminder.

Duties for July 7!

Set-up by 6:30 p.m.
B - Mystery Inc.
C - Menace 2 Sobriety

6:30 reffing
A - Stains ref
B - BAD Company ref
C - Indies ref
D - Piggies ref

7:30 games
A - Chupes ref
B - Mystery Inc. ref
C - SLE ref
D - Cheaters ref

A - GrAss Stains
B - BAD Company
C - Piggies
D - Indies

ooooh KATU has something against the stains!

from their facebook page...

What's your stain fighting secret?? We put some popular stain removers to the test! - The best one & best deal - NEXT, K2 News This Morning

I think these are the standings now

#1 4-1 shooters +32
#2 4-1 westside +21
#3 4-1 indies +19
#4 4-1 A&H +18
#5 4-1 mystery inc +17
#6 4-1 SLE +8
#7 3-2 grass stains +12
#8 3-2 Bunt Cakes -3
#9 2-3 Bad Co +11
#10 2-3 BRAWNDO +2
#11 2-3 FUKT -2
#12 2-3 Piggies -2
#13 1-4 M2S -21
#14 1-4 Cheaters -28
#15 0-5 Chups -35
#16 0-5 Misstits -45


To SLE in defeating Westside and ensuring that yet again there will not be an undefeated team in 2011!!!

Missing your keys?

If anyone is missing your Toyota keys, let me know!

Its Vanilla

and tigers blood......not aloe.

With a little elbow grease and some old man liniment the Stains are gonna get rubbed out on Thursday.

and thats no mystery.

How many...

boxes of Toms Natural Muscle Relaxant (with Aloe) do you think Bender's bought in the past year?

It's a mystery.

How many...

...cases of arthritis / old man syndrome plague Bender and Co? It's a mystery.

Mystery Team to begin their downward trend this week...

...and it starts with a loss to the Stains! Bender, you willing to put something on the line to sweeten up the pot a bit?

Duties for this week!

Set-up by 6:30 p.m.
Field A - Bunt Cakes
Field B - Cheaters
Field C - A&H
Field D - SLE

6:30 refs
Field A - BRAWNDO!!!
Field B - Menace 2 Sobriety
Field C - FUKT
Field D - GrAss Stains

7:30 refs
A - Bunt Cakes
B - Chupes
C - Misstits
D - Westside

Field A - BRAWNDO!!!
Field B- Menace
Field C - FUKT
Field D - Mystery Inc

Forum improvements coming

League Lab is diligently working on them! Soon, Bender, soon.

so about that forum improvement....

no way to delete a post. gah.

my previous post on the cheaters and misstits flipping was incorrect...

not suing ya but I am filing a complaint with the court.

I think westside only has +23 and flip the cheaters and misstits around

scratch that.

Got bunt cakes record wrong....switched with SLE. sue me twice!

#1 4-0 westside +30
#2 3-1 shooters +27
#3 3-1 mystery inc +16
#4 3-1 grass stains +13
#5 3-1 indies +10
#6 3-1 A&H +8
#7 3-1 Bunt Cakes +7
#8 3-1 SLE +3
#9 2-2 BRAWNDO +7
#9 2-2 FUKT +7
#11 1-3 Bad Co +2
#12 1-3 M2S -11
#13 1-3 Piggies -12
#14 0-4 Chups -26
#15 0-4 Misstits -35
#16 0-4 Cheaters -38

i think these are the standings after game 4

first time doin' stats. if its wrong, sue me!

#1 4-0 westside +30
#2 3-1 shooters +27
#3 3-1 mystery inc +16
#4 3-1 grass stains +13
#5 3-1 indies +10
#6 3-1 A&H +8
#7 3-1 SLE +3
#8 2-2 Bunt Cakes +7
#8 2-2 BRAWNDO +7
#8 2-2 FUKT +7
#11 1-3 Bad Co +2
#12 1-3 M2S -11
#13 1-3 Piggies -12
#14 0-4 Chups -26
#15 0-4 Misstits -35
#16 0-4 Cheaters -38


I have reserved a playing surface and procured an alcohol permit for Overlook Park on July 3rd from 1pm-3pm. Please bring your beautiful self and a(many) tasty beverage(s) of the alcoholic variety to enjoy a fantastic game of SLOSHBALL. If anyone is interested in extending the permit I can let you know how to do it. Cheers!

I think this is the diffs and standings for game 3

#1 3-0 West side +20
#2 3-0 A&H +9
#3 3-0 SLE +7
#4 2-1 shooters +17
#5 2-1 mystery team inc +12
#6 2-1 FUKT +11
#7 2-1 grass +9
#8 2-1 Indies +5
#9 2-1 Bunt Cakes +5
#10 1-2 bad company +4
#11 1-2 brawndo +3
#12 1-2 piggies -2
#13 0-3 Menace -21
#14 0-3 Chupes -22
#15 0-3 Cheaters -28
#16 0-3 mistits -30

Leg Wrestle for Roshambo

Brandon is in to leg wrestle for Ro Sham Bo when we play you guys.

Good game M2S!

Thanks for the heater of a game, and, more importantly for enjoying bacon wrapped corndog goodness with us afterward!

On another note, Barb did pretty darn well in leg wrestling last night too. Barb vs Brandon leg wrestling instead of roshambo for our game?

Awards all around for the Bunt Cakes

Brandon - Male Leg Wrestling Champion (at least for the night)

Bar Off:

5th - Misstits Players
4th - Jared (Bunt Cakes)
3rd - Becky (Bunt Cakes)
2nd - Mark (Bunt Cakes)
1st - Jonathan (Bunt Cakes)

Yay! I finally got a W in the bar off!


thanks Chill for the logic :).

and to add to <3 Fooqua's <3 post... per the OKC rules, run differential is capped at +10 per game. so if you beat a team 18-2, it should be logged in as a 12-2 game. This OKC rule was established to prevent blowouts and I think it is something we should keep around.

League Standings

So League Lab does not offer a column for run differential at this point. In the past run diff was the way we ordered our rankings. However, it only applies at the end of the round of 16 for seating of the weighted schedule and at the end of the entire season before the playoffs. Run diff is the second tier of tie breakers, first being head to head matchups.

League Lab would have to write some custom script to add this column. Since it doesn't really matter until we get to the weighted schedule we have decided to keep track of the run diff on the side and review it prior to seeding for the weighted schedule. Any ties will be sorted out as such:

1: head to head matchups
2: run diff
3: I don't remember but its written down somewhere

Until then the PI index will rank the tied teams.

I also like this method because it puts A&H on top!


I believe the power index is something from leaguelab as it does not show up in the OKC rules. OKC definitions posted here say: "The STANDINGS are determined by win/loss record. During the regular season, in the case of a tie, the run differential will be used. To compute standings , the win/loss record will be used. In the case of a tie, the result of the two teams’ regular season games will determine the higher ranking. If the teams remain tied, then the run differential will be used." So it's win/loss, then run differential for the regular season, and win/loss, then head to head, then run differential for the tournament.

How have ties been counted in win-loss-tie points in past seasons? E.g. a 8-0-2 team vs a 9-1 team.

thanks Chris

so its win/loss record then run diff then power rating for determining standings. is that correct?

Power Index

@Barb: the power index is a summation of the win-loss-tie points of opponents the team has beaten to estimate the strength of schedule. I think the reasoning is if you have two teams with identical records, say 8-2, and in those 8 wins, one team beat 8 teams who have won most of their games, while the other team beat 8 teams who have lost most of their games, the power index will be higher for the team who beat the 8 winning-record teams than for the team who beat the 8 losing-record teams.

I think this is the diffs and standings

#1 Indies +14
#2 West side +12
#3 SLE +5
#4 A&H +4
#5 grass +8
#6 brawndo +8
#7 shooters +7
#8 bad company +6
#9 piggies +6
#10 mystery team inc +4
#11 FUKT +1
#12 Bunt Cakes +0
#13 Chupes -17
#14 Cheaters -18
#15 Menace -20
#16 mistits -20

can a row be added for run differential?

Since run differential is what counts for rankings could we add row to the standings that captures that?

Additional Question Answer

I think the run differential still is caped at 10 pts but this is points allowed so it is only counting the runs your team has given up during the year. I.E. you play a game and the score is 15-12, your run differential is 3 but you still have a points allowed of 15 or 12.

In addition to Barb's Question...

About Power Index (which seems like a fun stat), the thinking behind "Points Allowed," which doesn't seem to have a cap at 10 runs.

Does point differential not matter any more?


Any smartypants out there want to explain to me the Power Index thing? I see the words but I want a subjective explanation to better understand.

urge to live without standings.....fading


its getting dark auntie Em.....so dark and cold....

Cheaters Rule!

I really believe we are going all the way this season!

Hi mom!

I just pooped.

Working on the forum

LeagueLab is very aware of our need for a more awesome forum set-up. It's coming! I promise!

Not a title.

I dislike this forum. Just putting it out there. NBD.


Boy oh boy! I can't wait to try a delicious shotski...


Kickball rules! Go Chups! I think we can best our two win record from last year!



Forum Formatting...

I'm asking now! I hope so! And, just so everyone knows, the fields are 1, 2, 3 & 4 on the website only - there is no alpha option yet on the site, so just look at it like 1 = A, 2 = B. It's another thing I would love to get fixed so thanks for being patient!

are there any other choices for forum format?

just wondering

so thirsty

i was had at shotski...

Menacing you two

Really I just want a shotski.

I'll fooq the fuck out of your shotski

Yeah, that's right I said it!

Fook You.

Ya, Matt, you herd that right. Ginger bitch.

First. Post. Ever.

Hi team.

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