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The OKC is dedicated to giving back to our community as volunteers and by making monetary donations. If you would like to partner with us on a charitable event or want to recommend an organization, e-mail Oregon Kickball





Portland Parkways is an event they do every year to encourage our community to get out, be active, and explore our amazing city. The people get on their bikes and travel a predetermined route with fun things going on throughout. Last year almost 110,000 people participated.


They need volunteers to help manage people staying on the route and to just hang out. This is an amazing volunteer opporotunity because not only do you get to help our community and hang out and talk to people but we get paid money for doing it! This goes a long way towards making our budget work and making all our doubleheaders and the end of the season party that much better! You can check their website here and below is all the information about the events. Please contact Tessa to sign up and with any additional questions.



Date Time Location
Sunday May 15th 2016 11AM - 4PM East Portland
Sunday June 26th 2016 11AM - 4PM North Portland
Sunday July 24th 2016 11AM - 4PM Northeast Portland
Sunday August 21st 2016 11AM - 4PM Southeast Portland
Sunday October 2nd 2016 11AM - 4PM

Tilikum Crossing / Sellwood







Stay tuned for information about an upcoming project with Habitat For Humanity to build a house with your fellow kickballers!

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